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Your Buying Guide To A Perfect Headboard

A headboard pulls together the bedroom aesthetically, like a cover for a book. But it’s a practical feature, too. A headboard keeps the mattress in place so it doesn’t slide away from the wall, and provides back support if you want to sit up in bed.Picking out a headboard really begins with how you use your bed, and your sense of design. Avid nighttime reader? Perhaps you want a padded or quilted headboard so you can prop up against it. Always bumping into your bedside tables? Maybe you want a..

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Buying Tips For Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a great way to add value and style to your kitchen, while increasing storage capacity and workspace. At its most minimalist, an island is simply extra counter space – picture a big freestanding butcher block or narrow, counter-height table. At its maximalist best, consider a bespoke unit complete with built-in sink, appliances, expansive countertop big enough to cover work and social space (a breakfast bar, for instance), and undercounter storage galore. Here’s what to consider..

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What To Do When Selecting An Outdoor Sauna

Saunas are standard equipment in gyms for their muscle-relaxing heat. Luxury hotels laud the end-of-day-unwinding qualities.  Sauna treatments can help ease muscle aches, stress and tension, and often leave bathers feeling clear-headed and refreshed. Many people even credit saunas with alleviating conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to arthritis and skin issues. Once a rare luxury, the home sauna has been picking up in popularity due to lower prices and simpler installation. Outdoor saunas,..

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How to Choose a Sofa That Will Last Forever

Whatever your family calls it — sofa, settee, divan, davenport — it's a major investment. To get the best sit for your buck, follow these five steps.Check the FrameA sturdy frame means a long-lasting sofa. Soft wood, such as pine, is low-cost, but it may warp or wobble after five years. Pricier hardwood (kiln-dried oak, ash, or beech, for example) is more durable. Avoid frames made of particleboard, plastic, or metal; they may warp and crack. Legs should be part of the frame or held on with screws..

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Solve Your Home Décor Problems

When it comes to making your family room work for the whole family, you've got to create zones for each person's tasks or interests. Sometimes this is accomplished with your design plan and in how you arrange the room; other times it's by choosing multitasking furniture. With a few good ideas, you can expand the fun in—and function of—your family room.Problem: Kids' toys are everywhere.Solution: Stylishly contain them.With family life comes a lot of clutter, but the right pieces of furniture can..

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