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10 Secret Décor Buying Tips

Any good interior designer will tell you to start with a focal point in your room, around which your home décor items can flow. Once you’ve selected your focal point, collect a range of photos from magazines and home décor books for inspiration. Then, follow these top 10 decorating tips for a successful interior decorating experience:Select a big-impact item as a starting point. This piece can be a throw pillow with beautiful fabric, a poster, or painting, a floral arrangement, a vase,..

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Infuse Highland Charm In Your Home

Where fashion goes, decor follows. And this fall, the fashionistas are inspired by Scotland. If you're ready to add a little Highland fling to your living space this season, there are lots of options.Rich woods, squashy sofas, rubbed bronze and landscape prints evoke the Caledonian country manor. The look, traditional and tasteful, can be dressed up or down. And modern interpretations also abound, with oversize or edited classic patterns, layering of aged items with new, and playful versions of iconic Scottish..

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A Headboard To Suit Your Style

A headboard can make a bed look more polished and add beauty to the overall appearance of the bed. There are headboards in every shape, style, material, fabric, and size to suit just about every buyer. No matter what your taste, there's a perfect place to rest your head and with a little poking around you can soon get one which suits you best. Check out our takes for the trendiest headboards you can choose to pep up your bedroom decor.Intricate Iron - For a playful look, choose a curvy wrought iron piece for..

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5 Tips To Buying A Perfect Kid's Bed

When your child is ready to leave the crib, choosing a proper bed becomes an issue of utmost importance.   A simple bed frame or even a mattress and box spring set directly on the floor will do the job nicely for the couple of years it's needed. When your child is up and running, a sturdy bed and a good-quality mattress and box spring will give a growing body the support it needs to rest comfortably -- and will also survive the occasional "monkeys jumping on the bed." Given below are some more tips..

Buying tips

Top 4 Wood Buying Tips For Your Home

Wood has been a part of homes since ancient eras, especially for furniture and flooring. It is wrong, though, to consider the use of wood only for these aspects of your home. A wooden framed mirror can be the centerpiece of your bedroom. A wood panel on the ceiling can give your living room a unique look. An antique wooden lamp can create an elegant look to a nook. A wooden rocking chair is a great way to laze around in! There are many other varied ways to add a warm and elegant appearance to your home décor.To..

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