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Useful Tips To Buying Comfy Throws

Is there anything more comforting that snuggling up under a super soft, large throw? We think not. Throws are essential in bedrooms, dens and living rooms – they add comfort, a homey feeling and are also an easy way to add texture, color and design trends to your home. Not to mention, you can take these warm blankets from room to room (preferably wrapped around you).Read on for tips to choosing throws.A piece of CanadianaIt’s always nice to have a touch of Canada in your home, whether that be through..

Buying tips

Necessary Facts To Know Before Buying Organic Bedding

We pay a lot of attention to how we look or what we eat, it’s very rare that we think about how we sleep or how comfortable we are while we rest. Often many of us complain about severe backaches we have in the morning and curse the mattress for being shaggy. So why not take this a little seriously and invest some time to redo the bed, change the mattress and sleep like a baby tonight. And what better way to do it than going ‘eco friendly’.  Understand the benefits of using ‘eco-friendly’..

Buying tips

Storage Solutions for Studio Apartments

Living in a studio apartment has become almost synonymous with city-life. Due to lack of space and high cost of real-estate many individuals end up renting or buying a studio apartment. Though the space has its own perks in terms of less to clean and maintain, storage becomes a serious hassle as this type of small space usually comes with very less storage options. But then you have a solution for this. You can have your essential stuff along with those you simply fancy and yet can have enough space to move..

Buying tips

10 Rules To Online Décor Shopping

Shopping for your home on the Internet is a tricky game to play. You're taking some pretty big risks when buying key pieces for a space through websites. Sometimes that rich forest green velvet upholstered couch you clicked "order" on turns out to be a key-lime faux-fabric mess. Decor apps can be accommodating, but we also have some majorly helpful tips to reference when risking a design disaster. Follow these 10 rules when shopping online and you'll be hanging out in decor heaven.Measure both the..

Buying tips

Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Countertops

Remodeling a kitchen can be exciting... but also very overwhelming. Between researching appliances, choosing new cabinets and looking at tiles, there are just so many choices to be made. You want a material that is less likely to stain and chip and be functional as well. Given below is a guide to buying countertops that will be perfect for you.Think bigTiny samples make it hard to visualize how the finished counter will look. Check manufacturer's apps that can help you match the counter to your cabinets and..

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