Hamakaze, The Ultimate Ramen Spot In Cibu


If you are a fan of Japanese food and swear by sushi then you must not miss Hamakaze in Cebu, Philippines. Owned by a Japanese national, it is one of 12 restaurants around the globe. Situated along AS Fortuna Road, across Jollibee, the eatery is quite unassuming. The name roughly translates to ‘beach wind’.

The food joint isn’t really too big and can accommodate 25 people at a time. Its design is pretty minimalistic, with an area allotted to give a demo on how the dishes are prepared before they are served right in front of the diner once ready.

The main attraction of Hamakaze’s menu is its Ramen, its specialty dish. What makes it so special? It’s the usage of collagen soup. Ask them the secret, they inform that the collagen soup takes around 12 hours to prepare so that the soup and ramen get infused with all the flavors. The eatery also gives you an option in which the ramen is separated from the soup and you have the choice to blend the dry ramen into the soup by yourself.

Another interesting item is the ramen, called Tsukumen, which is served cold hot. It is typically served during lunch when the climate is hot and humid. Cold noodle is served with toppings, with a side of chicken collagen soup, and dip. Like something more flavorsome? Try the Tori PaitanEbi Ramen, which is a shrimp flavored chicken collagen soup. Other options are Abura Soba Dry Ramen, Chicken Katsu Don which is fried chicken cutlet with the bowl of rice or HiyashiChuka. The Chicken Karaage, a Japanese style fried chicken can be an excellent starter.

It might be a small place, but isn’t crowded and gives a very intimate feel. The staff is attentive and friendly. Another bonus point of Hamakaze is it remains open till 4 AM. So next time you party till the wee hour, you know where to get some yummy ramen.

Image courtesy: sugbo.ph