Game Review: The Evil Within 2


The Evil Within 2 is a brutally difficult experience, but one that will leave the player exhilarated. The mark of pure survival horror is to leave you feeling like you only just survived, and the game does this magnificently. Protagonist Sebastian Castellanos goes to rescue his daughter (who is thought to be dead). The world is delightfully weird: mirrors take you to safehouses. Burning paintings make barbed wire disappear. A cat gives you green gel so you can upgrade your abilities. The sense that the world could change the rules at any moment keeps things interesting.

Exploration in The Evil Within 2 is worth it, and in the case of scavenging for loot it’s absolutely vital. Green gel (used for upgrading Sebastian’s health, athleticism, recovery, and combat prowess), gunpowder, and weapon parts are scarce but necessary to stay alive. Enemies in The Evil Within 2 are plentiful and relentless. For example, there are monsters that vomit acid onto your face if you get too close and monsters that wield flamethrowers. These monsters will chase you if they spot you, and if they lose you they’ll search the area for a while, so it’s very important to keep moving.

You have a lot of freedom in exploring the sandbox. The setting is a sprawling post-apocalyptic mess of diners and picket fences. The main street ends at a gaping chasm. Though not every building can be entered or clambered up onto, there are a welcome number of nooks and crannies that offer unique enemy encounters, side quests, and loot.

The Evil Within 2 gives you more options to play your way and in a much bigger survival-horror playground than the original. While being pursued through an intriguingly bizarre world by plentiful and disturbing monsters, you’ll see how this game lives up to the most important survival horror rules.

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