Game Review: Hand of Fate 2


The original Hand of Fate created a unique card game. Hand of Fate 2 has not only built on the original’s great concept but also fixed the problems. In each of the sequel's 22 missions, you select several encounter and equipment cards from your personal deck. These are then mixed in with the Dealer's deck to form the card base you're playing with. The cards are scattered onto a table face-down. As you move across the table turning over one card at a time (usually either looking for or moving towards a specific card), you're issued challenges that might or might not help you achieve the mission's goal.

The outcomes of several situations are dictated by games of chance and skill – rolling dice, perfectly timing a button press, stopping a spinning wheel at the right time, etc. Your character can run out of money or starve to death and this adds to the challenge. There are also several cards that throw you into combat, at which point the game briefly turns into an action experience until all your enemies are defeated.

All the missions are different. They can include challenging you to work out which character of three is plotting a murder, or tasking you with escorting an innocent potato farmer. Each mission has a strong sense of identity and purpose. Hand of Fate 2's combat is not a unique system, but it's very satisfying to take on a group of enemies. Managing the timing of your attacks and moves requires skill. You can equip different weapons before battle, which are divided into three classes (heavy, two-handed, and one-handed), and what to equip largely depends on your opponent.

In most missions, you're joined by one of four companions who specialize in improving your odds of victory. These companions also add to the rich storytelling of the game. Playing through each mission, uncovering cards, and watching as conflicts and allegiances twist and shift (depending on the story you're pursuing) gives you a strong sense of the game's world.

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