Game Review: Fire Emblem Warriors


Fire Emblem Warriors is an entertaining new adventure which takes place in the Fire Emblem universe. The story doesn’t bother with details. A pair of twins has to seal away an evil dragon, and there’s something about gathering magic stones – the story doesn’t make much sense, but the game is gripping and thoroughly enjoyable. What sets Fire Emblem Warriors apart from other Warriors-style games is its focus on teamwork instead of a single hero defeating swarms of enemies. Objectives like orchestrating an elaborate attack on enemy outposts or having characters simultaneously activate triggers that allow them to proceed require a thoughtful approach.

The maps are fun to explore thanks to treasure chests and item-filled jars strewn about the battlefield. It’s important to keep an eye on every corner of the map to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, there are always so many enemies around that you have to juggle multiple objectives all the time. Which is why, when you manage to complete all objectives, you feel really great.

Thanks to the incorporation of Fire Emblem’s rock-paper-scissors weapon mechanic and Pair Up system (which allows characters to assist, defend, or team up with each other) the game never feels simplistic or boring. Fire Emblem Warriors features much-loved characters from the previous games in the series. And the art is charming. The traditional 2D art of Fire Emblem has been translated into 3D beautifully.

Combat gets a lot more challenging in the latter half of the story, especially if you set the difficulty gauge to hard. The History Mode takes a set of optional maps straight out of Fire Emblems of past years and lines up some truly great baddies. You can acquire extra Master Seals to unlock a character’s full combat abilities, and earn extra gold and experience by battling enemy waves in Arena Mode. And if you still feel like you need to do more, you can use Free Mode to revisit old campaigns.

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