Game Review: Battle Chef Brigade


Battle Chef Brigade is a hearty mixture of puzzles, platforming, and great storytelling. Despite all the other diverse activities involved, Battle Chef Brigade’s engaging cooking puzzles are your main means of progression through the campaign. The gradual introduction of modifiers ensure that this aspect never becomes too easy to whisk through, and never so difficult that you’d want to give up.

You're given nine slots to equip items and ingredients to help you in each round, and equipping the wrong cookware or battle gear means you might not have the tools necessary to complete your objectives in the allotted time. All elements are blended into what are essentially clever puzzles disguised as a platforming game. A time limit in each battle means you’ll need to prepare meals before the clock runs down, but in order to get the ingredients you need to quickly defeat monsters in combat. Because tougher monsters take longer to beat but drop better ingredients, you have to consider which fights to take on to get the best-tasting dish within the allotted time. This sort of risk-reward tension can result in some thrilling victories.

Outside of cooking competitions you’ll spend most of your time pursuing three disciplines in Capitol City’s various shops: discovering recipes, hunting, and serving food. Each of these tasks intelligently informs the battle segments, at first by teaching you new rules and then encouraging you to experiment with different items and tactics. Completing these tasks each day rewards you with money to purchase new gear.

Overall, the plot is mostly solid and intriguing. The driving factor in Battle Chef Brigade is definitely its charm. Protagonist Mina Han is a plucky and resourceful character and nearly every character is well written and endearing. The hand-drawn art style pays particular attention to tiny details. And, while there are few locations to explore, the character design and animation are impressive throughout.

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