Enjoy An Italian Fare In Phuket At La Gritta

18 May 2017

Phuket is a romantic destination. There are many romantic restaurants in Phuket, but when it comes to the Patong Beach, many might feel the absence of one. Perhaps, they haven’t comes across La Gritta, the Italian restaurant of Amari Phuket Resort. With a unique view of the entire Patong Bay, it is the best place to fall in love bonding over culinary delights.From food, to service and atmosphere, this place appears quite perfect and welcoming..

Chaaye Khana - A Treasure Hunt for Tea Lovers

10 May 2017

Chaaye Khana is a cozy restaurant with a sophisticated ambiance perched in one of the significant business areas of Islamabad. There is an inquisitive aura to its name, ‘’Chaaye Khana’’ that conjures a feeling that the place is not just like any other normal cafe, but there is more to be expected. Chaaye Khana, meaning tea house in Urdu, offers all the pleasures of having a good time over a cup of tea, whether meant for..

Hamakaze, The Ultimate Ramen Spot In Cibu

04 May 2017

If you are a fan of Japanese food and swear by sushi then you must not miss Hamakaze in Cebu, Philippines. Owned by a Japanese national, it is one of 12 restaurants around the globe. Situated along AS Fortuna Road, across Jollibee, the eatery is quite unassuming. The name roughly translates to ‘beach wind’.The food joint isn’t really too big and can accommodate 25 people at a time. Its design is pretty minimalistic, with an area..

Aqua: A Must Visit For Seafood Lovers

17 Mar 2017

Seattle is known for its vast array of seafood. Cashing in on the trend, restaurateur Paul Mackay (El Gaucho) has taken things to a whole new level with Aqua. The whole setup is lavish and surrounded by glass. Aqua is one among the few fine restaurants in Seattle directly on the water.The external setup pulls instant attention. There is an expansive deck. However, it is not open throughout the year. You need to check the timings if you really want..