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  • Creamy And Cheesy Baked Potatoes

    The term au gratin refers to a dish that is baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese. The au gratin topping should be golden brown, which can be achieved by baking or by placing the dish under a broiler. Potato gratin is a popular recipe that is prepared in the au gratin style.The recipe given below is for a creamy potato au gratin. This classic French dish combines cheese sauce and tender potatoes to make a deliciously addictive experience. It's a great side dish with roast chicken or beef tenderloin. Add a green salad and French..

  • The Meat Lover’s Favorite Dish

    Meatloaf is a dish of ground meat mixed with other ingredients, formed into a loaf shape, then baked or smoked. The loaf shape is formed by either cooking it in a loaf pan, or forming it by hand on a flat baking pan. Meatloaf is usually made from ground beef, although lamb, pork, veal, venison, and poultry are also used.It is a tasty and versatile dish, ideal for supper or to take on picnics or pack in lunchboxes. Meatloaves can be had either hot or cold and is best enjoyed with a sauce or relish of some kind. Follow the recipe below to prepare..

  • Quick And Easy No-bake Oreo Cake

    Oreo, one of the most common among famous cookie brand, is well loved by kids and adults alike. What makes Oreo cookies even more favorable is that they can be used in several easy dessert recipes as well. Oreo shakes, Oreo ice cream and Oreo topped coffees have been around for a long time and are quite a favorite with teens. Given below is a quick and no-bake recipe for a delicious cake made with Oreos.Oreo Refrigerator Cake  Ingredients:1 (15 ounce) bag Oreo cookies, crushed, divided1/2 cup butter, melted1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese,..

  • Grab A Bite Of Tradition Italian Flavor

    Combine a tender and crispy crust with gooey, flavorful cheese and vegetables fresh from the garden, and you get not only Italy's most traditional pizza dish, but also a fabulous way to celebrate the season's harvest of juicy tomatoes. Made with ingredients reminiscent of the Italian flag, pizza Margherita is a wonderful late summer treat on those days when it's just cool enough to warrant heating up the oven.Because this classic Neapolitan-style pizza is so simple, it depends on quality for the best taste. Use the best fresh mozzarella and basil..

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