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  • How About Cheesy Chimichangas For Dinner?

    Chimichanga; the deep fried version of a burrito is a favorite of Mexican food lovers. The dish is typically prepared by filling a flour tortilla with a wide range of ingredients, most commonly rice, cheese, machaca, carne adobada, or shredded chicken, and folding it into a rectangular package. It is then deep-fried and can be accompanied with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and/or cheese.The oven baked version given below is a fast and healthier way to serve Chimichangas than the traditional deep fried. These are very good, and you may dress them..

  • Celebrate With Spooky Halloween Desserts

    Halloween is almost here and what better way to celebrate this sweet sweet festival than whipping up a batch of desserts at home. Get into the spirit of Halloween with these spooky treats.Strawberry GhostsKids will gasp in delight at these adorable ghosts. Juicy strawberries, chocolate and a lick of almond flavor make these little bites a howling success!Ingredients30 fresh strawberries8 ounces white baking chocolate, chopped1 teaspoon shortening1/8 teaspoon almond extract1/4 cup miniature semisweet chocolate chipsPreparationWash strawberries and..

  • Delicious No-Bake Cake That Your Kids Will Love!

    Making a cake without baking it is the easiest way of making it. It can be a fun project to carry out along with the children and you can mix up ingredients for combinations to suit your own taste. Kids love these cakes as they can customize the flavors as they want and use as many different fruits and nuts as a cake can hold. Make good use of the fridge or freezer and get a wonderful dessert on the table with no baking required! This delicious recipe has the yummy taste of chocolate combined with the goodness of pistachios.Chocolate and Pistachio..

  • Cook A Bowl Of Perfect Beef Stew

    When the chilly weather hits and your fingers turn numb with cold, nothing works better at warming you up than a steaming bowl of beef stew. This healthy beef stew is brimming with colorful, nutritious vegetables and makes a cozy, comforting dish. The beef is slowly simmered until meltingly tender, while nourishing pot barley soaks up some of the rley juices and thickens the rich gravy to make a hearty casserole. Serve it over couscous to make it a complete meal or serve with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable such as French beans or spring greens.Beef..

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