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  • Bite-Sized Food Never Looked Better Than Popcorn Chicken

    What’s the best part about bite-sized food? It is portable, does not need too many utensils and work as snacks or part of the main meal – as you wish. This spicy popcorn chicken is the reason to look forward to movie nights as it provides the perfect snack food slash dinner.  Pair with a cold beverage and you are all set for the evening.Spicy Glazed Popcorn ChickenIngredients:PopcornNeutral oil (like canola oil) as needed for frying4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch cubes2 cups buttermilk2 cups all-purpose flour1..

  • Warm Up With A Hot Bowl Of Soup

    Winter is all about comfort food and it doesn’t get more comforting than a hot bowl of creamy soup. This delicious potato soup is a heartwarming serving of goodness. Coconut milk gives it a hint of sweetness while a bit of cheese sprinkled on top adds new flavor dimensions. The simple flavors of the soup are sure to appeal to anyone.Creamy Potato SoupIngredients:1 medium white onion2 medium carrots3 medium stalks of celery4 cloves of garlic3 medium russet potatoes/ or any other variety of potatoes1 tablespoon olive oil4 cups or 1 qt of vegetable..

  • Make The Most Of Seasonal Apples With This Country Cake

    Apple and chocolate is not a combination which is very common. However, these two work beautifully with each other to give a subtle flavor. This cake is a gorgeous combination of these two flavors along with a hint of spice. The recipe is pretty straight forward and can be made easily.The resulting cake is not too strong or rich and is perfect for casual meals or as an everyday snack.Country Apple CakeIngredients:5 medium eggs200g granulated sugar100ml vegetable oil175g plain flour2 tbsp cocoa powder1 tsp baking powder½ tsp cinnamon½..

  • Dig Into Some Comfort Food To Beat The Chill In The Air

    Winter is almost upon us and the cold season is all about comfort food. Its nippy outside so a hot serving of carbs keeps you warm and toasty. A buttery dish of scalloped potatoes makes one of those essential side dish recipes that just makes everything seem so delicious and homely. They are a decadent way to warm up during the colder months and make a very good comfort food for all.Unlike most scalloped potato recipes, this one does not use any cheese or sauce. The sauce is thickened using the natural starchiness of the potatoes making it very..

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