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  • Make Your Breakfast Count With This Egg Preparation

    Baked eggs are a classic French dish. Usually served in ramekins with a splash of cream and a bit of butter, they make for an affordably elegant presentation at breakfast or brunch. During the last days of summer, you can bump the dish up a bit by substituting a hollowed out tomato for the ramekin and getting a little creative with the flavors. A pinch of this, a dice of that, and you’ve got a delicious meal on the table in no time.The fact is, on busy summer weekends, cup eggs are one of the many favorite dishes. They are quick to make and..

  • Make An Appetizer Sure To Please The Crowd

    Stuffed mushrooms should be in every home cook's repertoire. They're easy to make, they're great for parties, and the variations are endless. These mushrooms, stuffed with chopped green onion, bell pepper, bread crumbs and Italian seasoning make a delicious (and easy!) bite of Italian-inspired flavors that compliment any party. The best part of this appetizer? You can stuff, cover and store these mushrooms up to a full day before you need them for a make-ahead appetizer that’s a winner.Italian Stuffed MushroomsIngredients:36 medium whole fresh..

  • Take Your Ramen Game Up A Notch

    Ramen is more than noodles and soup; it is Japanese soul food. In several countries, ramen is the mainstay of students who struggle to make by with meagre resources. Instant ramen noodles are dried or precooked noodles infused with oil, and usually sold with a packet of flavoring. Dried noodles are usually eaten after being cooked in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes or eaten straight from the packet, while precooked noodles can be reheated.These noodles are often popular with college students because they are budget-friendly and easy to prepare...

  • Bite Into A Decadent Cheesesteak Sandwich

    cheesesteak sandwich is not really a steak at all – it is a sandwich made with chipped steak, steak that has been frozen and sliced really thin) and cooked on a grill top. A perfect cheesesteak sandwich is always welcome, whether at a party, or as a weeknight meal. A well-made steak sandwich fills you up and is the perfect food to enjoy some downtime without spending too much time pondering on food options. You won’t be tempted by a kebab once you've tried this perfect steak sandwich. Add mustard or chilli sauce if you need more heat.Cheesesteak..

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