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  • Chill With A Raspberry-Mango Terrine

    A terrine is a French term used to describe a preparation made in a deep glazed usually rectangular earthenware dish with tall sides. Terrines are often made of mixed meats or game, as in a pâté or foie gras; but the term can also apply to terrines made from vegetables, seafood or fruits.Add on this little twist to your store-bought mango sorbets and ice creams and improve upon them. This must-make dish for the hot summers is a temptation too hard to resist!Raspberry and Mango TerrineIngredients:For raspberry sorbet:Sugar- 2/3 cupWater..

  • Pick A Pie For Tea Today!

    What could be better than a brunch or an evening snack with friends and a plateful of the divine combination of spinach and matzoh with a generous topping of cottage cheese? Speaking of matzoh, there are two major forms of these - the most common form is the hard form of matzoh which is cracker-like in appearance and taste. Some cultures also make a soft form of matzoh which looks like Greek pita or like a tortilla. Soft matzoh is made only by hand, and generally with shmurah flour.Spinach and Matzoh PieIngredients:Finely..

  • Beat The Heat With Lemon Flavored Scallops

    Relish this delicacy made with these brightly colored, fan-shaped seafood - scallops. These can be baked, frozen and cooked. Give them a crispy exterior and a rich buttery centre when you perfectly sear these scallops. Add that bright saffron to add on an extra depth to a bright, tangy sauce. You can also use the left over citrus oil to drizzle over an omelet, a tomato salad or roasted potatoes, or to warm up and brush on crostini.Ingredients:Butter- 1 tbsp Light-tasting olive oil -2 tsp 1 Thinly sliced small leek,..

  • Chocolaty Holiday Treats

    With the holiday and summer season already here, the kids will be indoors for a long time. This will also get you busy scouting for unique dishes to keep the kids occupied and make their holidays memorable! Read further to prepare these mouthwatering chocolate cupcakes and what’s more than doubling the fun with a double chocolate icing!Chocolate Cupcakes with Double-Chocolate IcingIngredients:Chopped bittersweet chocolate -  2 oz Strong coffee or water - ¼ cup Milk -½ cup Cocoa powder - 1/3..

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Chill With A Raspberry-Mango Terrine

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