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  • Fiery Crabs With Real Singaporean Flavor

    Potentially the most popular of all crab dishes, Singapore chili crab is luxurious, rich and ever-so satisfying. This recipe is well known in Singapore and is a great hit with tourists and locals alike! It is really spicy!!! Most recipes call for mud crab, which is traditionally preferred for its generous yield. Serve with either crusty bread, steamed buns or steamed rice. Whatever you choose, don’t forget crab crackers, finger bowls, and napkins.Singaporean Chili CrabIngredients:1 pound whole Dungeness crab5 tablespoons ketchup1 cup water2..

  • Get A Taste Of Soft Yogurt Kebabs

    Kebabs made from curds? This is a strange concept for most people. However, this mouthwateringly delicious recipe from the region of Awadh has a tangy taste that sets it apart from all other types of kebabs. Cottage cheese is used to balance the tanginess of the curds and bread crumbs are used to help bind the ingredients. Coating the kebabs before deep-frying makes them crisp. Traditionally clarified butter or ghee is used for deep-frying kebabs. However, we have used oil in our recipe. You can mix a few spoons of ghee with the oil to provide a..

  • Crunchy Fish Fingers For Your Family

    A classic family favorite, these crunchy fish sticks are the perfect way to introduce your kids to eating fish. They are mouthwateringly tasty and leaves them asking for more! The crunchy golden crust makes them perfect for dipping.Substitute potato flakes from a box in place of bread crumbs to form a supercrispy crust for cod fillets or dredge the cod strips in flour and potato flakes to create a crunchy coating. Serve them with our classic tartar sauce or with a chunky tomato sauce for a different flavor.Crunchy Fish Sticks With Tartar Sauce                                                                           ..

  • Creamy And Cheesy Baked Potatoes

    The term au gratin refers to a dish that is baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese. The au gratin topping should be golden brown, which can be achieved by baking or by placing the dish under a broiler. Potato gratin is a popular recipe that is prepared in the au gratin style.The recipe given below is for a creamy potato au gratin. This classic French dish combines cheese sauce and tender potatoes to make a deliciously addictive experience. It's a great side dish with roast chicken or beef tenderloin. Add a green salad and French..

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