Exotic Cusinies

  • Want A Bite Of Tender African Cuisine?

    Relish this dish that has some exotic flavors of North Africa with a noticeable butterflied leg of the lamb. You can prepare this dish a day ahead by butterflying..

  • Pamper Your Tummy With Home-style Curried Lotus Root

    A few of the common edible roots are carrots, beets, potatoes and radish. There are a few uncommon roots which have numerous health benefits too. Who could..

  • Buddhist Style Vegetable Medley

    Get a taste of Buddhist cuisine with this amazing combo of exotic vegetables that is stirred fired. This dish, known as Buddha’s delight, contains..

  • Round Off Your Meals With This Delicate Dessert

    Sweet, crunchy pavlova is a delicate dessert originating from Australia. It was named after famous ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, and was first served in..

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Culinary Tips

  • How To Make A Gorgeous Upside-down Fruit Cake

    You can make an upside-down cake with almost any kind of fruit! Any fresh or frozen fruit that’s..

  • How To Roast A Lamb Leg To Perfection

    Ever tried roasting a lamb leg? That is, the thigh part of the animal. If you haven’t, include..

    Eat Healthy

    • Seven Most Common Myths About Rice!

      Undoubtedly, most of the diet charts of current time require removing rice from the list. This is mostly..

    • Crunch On Healthy Onions

      Onion is  one of the most common vegetables found in every household. It adds taste to many dishes,..