Go Nuts Over Coconut Quindim

Quindim is a classic and traditional Brazilian dessert, one of those you find in every little corner of the country. It is dense, intensely sweet and very addictive! Baked in cupcake-sized moulds, the bottom is toasted and golden, dense with grated coconut, while the top is a smooth, firm custard that sticks pleasingly to the roof of the mouth.A classic example of Brazil’s miscegenation, quindim is said to derive from the word kintiti meaning ‘delicacy’ in kikongo language (spoken in the Congo and Angola), while the recipe itself..

Taste Italy On A Plate With Lemon Ziti

Baked ziti is a baked casserole dish made with ziti macaroni and sauce characteristic of Italian-American cuisine. In many recipes, the ziti are first cooked separately while a tomato and cheese sauce is prepared, which may include meat, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and more. The cooked and drained ziti is then combined with the cooked sauce, which may be layered with additional varieties of cheeses, baked in the oven, and served hot. This lemon ziti is a delicious treat which can be served at any meal. The process is a bit lengthy, but..

Explore The Versatile Use Of Rambutan Fruit

The S.E Asian rambutan is a versatile fruit which can be enjoyed not only on its own, but also in delicious recipes. The fruity flavor adds a sweet note to any dish that is refreshing and unique. Here’s how to make a delicious duck curry using rambutan.

Create This Opulent Neapolitan Pastry For A Decadent Dessert

The Neapolitan pastiera was a typical dessert for the Easter Sunday in Campania, but nowadays it is prepared all year long. It is too good to be enjoyed only at Easter! It is a delicious pie prepared with pasta frolla (Italian pie dough) filled with grano cotto (cooked wheat kernels), ricotta cheese, candied fruits, eggs and sugar. A key ingredient is the grano cotto, a staple in the baking section of every Southern Italian grocery store, sometimes even labeled “per pastiera”. Another key ingredient is fresh ricotta, either cow’s..

Enjoy The Sumptous Cuisine Of Provence

Pistou is a pounded Provencal sauce made primarily from Genovese basil, garlic and olive oil. Several recipe modify the sauce to replace basil with other herbs and ingredients, but the original recipe called for basil leaves.The absolute traditional way to make this sauce is to tear out the leaves and pound the ingredients until it resembles a paste. However, with modern modifications and electronic conveniences, food processors are being used to make this fragrant sauce. For added flavor, one may add a bit of cheese to this sauce, though it is..