Feast On This Full Flavored Mexican Soup

Tortillas are delicious and meatballs even more so. And any dish which can successfully combine the delicious goodness of both is definitely a heaven sent. Given below is a recipe which fulfils your wish in at least this context. This soup is a yummilicious blend of Mexican flavors and acts as a great comfort food.

Snack On Crispy Savory Napoleon Puff Pastries

Napoleons are delectable puff pastries which may be baked into sweet bakes, spread with crème patisserie and glazed with a thin icing or dusted with powdered sugar. Or, it may be savory with spicy seasonings and fresh vegetable and assorted fillings.  Napoleons are usually made in small rectangular shapes just large enough for an individual serving. They make for great hors d'oeuvre and are perfect party starters. They also work very well as snacks for pre party events or for game nights.This particular recipe serves as bread for cold..

Make Chicken More Flavorful With Spicy Tomatoes

This one-pot recipe Spanish Chicken and Potatoes is full of flavor and vibrant color and is perfect served with a big piece of crusty white bread or over a steaming hot pile of rice. The recipe is inspired from a tomato "salsa", the most loved spicy dip all over the world.

Unique Summer Salad Fiesta

Pita bread is served at just about every meal in the Middle East. It can be used for dipping, or to make delicious sandwiches in the pocket. In the Middle East, pita is made in brick ovens, where very high heat can be achieved. When removed from the oven, the layers of baked dough remain separated inside the deflated pita, which allows the bread to be opened to form a pocket. These pockets can then be stuffed with delicious fillings for a wholesome meal. Given below is a shrimp salad pita recipe which is easy to make and delicious to eat.

Want A Bite Of Tender African Cuisine?

Relish this dish that has some exotic flavors of North Africa with a noticeable butterflied leg of the lamb. You can prepare this dish a day ahead by butterflying the lamb through a cutting technique used by butchers to transform a thick, compact piece of meat into a thinner, larger one. The piece of meat is cut in half parallel to the board from one side almost all the way to the other.  A small "hinge" is left at the one side, which is used to fold the meat out like a book. The resemblance of this unfolding motion is similar..