Tips To Make Pizza Dough At Home

Making pizza dough at home and then baking it is not difficult at all. With a little bit of help you can make great pizza – reads our tips here and get started.For a pizza that will serve about 6, you need 2 cups all-purpose flour, 3/4 cup lukewarm water, 1 teaspoon active-dry yeast, and 1 and 1/2 teaspoons salt. If you have a mixer for making dough, that’s great, otherwise hand mixing is just fine (be ready to put in some effort). You also need a stiff spatula and a kitchen towel to cover the mixing bowl with.Start by dissolving the..

Learn The Right Way To Cook Organic Black Quinoa

Perfectly cooked quinoa is light and fluffy, with a nutty aftertaste. Learn how to achieve professional level perfection in cooking this superfood.Quinoa has everything that a health and taste conscious cook could be looking for. It tastes good; it has a distinct taste that stands out in a dish. It provides fantastic health benefits because of the many nutrients it contains. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids, and is therefore a complete protein.Cooking black quinoa is pretty easy, and this whole grain is naturally gluten-free. Want to..

Common Mistakes When Cooking Meat

Cooking can be a nightmare sometimes, with recipes going haywire, and results varying even when you think you have followed a recipe to the “T”. But getting the right results depend upon a million factors, your ingredients, your stove, how you seasoned and so on. Here are some common cooking errors we make when we cook meat or chicken and tips on how to avoid them.Did you follow the recipe yet the flavors seem dull or did you leave out entire steps because you didn’t have time for some of them?  Don’t just grab a recipe..

Things To Consider When Buying And Storing Nut And Nut Products

Nuts and nut butters are great for snacking and they are great for busy people given the zero preparation time. Find out how to buy the most healthful options in nuts and nut butters and how to store them so that they stay good for long periods of time.A lot of people believe that dry-roasted nuts are always better than oil-roasted nuts as oil adds a lot of fat. This is not exactly true. Oil-roasting does not make much of a difference in the calorie content. So, oil-roasted nuts can be your guilt-free snack if you like. But watch out for the salt..

4 Tips To Cooking Perfect Tofu

Tofu, the much celebrated vegan cottage cheese, has very few takers even in the vegetarian community. A major reason for this is because it never tastes the same at home as it does in restaurants. The reason behind this lies in how you cook this ingredients. Properly cooked tofu is delicious and has a ton of flavors. Here are a few tips on cooking tofu just right –Buy the right tofu  There are several kinds of tofu, silken, soft, medium and extra-firm. What kind you buy depends on what dish you are making. Silken tofu is used for sauces,..