Mouthwatering Pilaf By Yotam Ottolenghi

21 Jun 2017

Originally from Jerusalem, Yotam Ottolenghi is a famous London-based restaurateur and food writer. Yotam runs the famed Nopi and Ottolenghi restaurants and delis. This master chef is also an author of three bestselling books; and his fourth title, Plenty More, was published in September 2014. Here is a fine recipe from this renowned chef -Beef, apricot and almond pilafIngredients250g basmati riceSalt120g ghee (or clarified butter)1 large onion, peeled..

Learn How Chef Prasad Pan-Fries the Sea Bass

15 Jun 2017

Alfred Prasad is the youngest Indian chef in the industry to be awarded a Michelin star.  After honing his culinary skills in world-renowned hotels and restaurants like ITC Maurya 5-Star Hotel in New Delhi, the Dakshin at the ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai; Prasad moved to London and became Cuisine Director and Executive Chef of the Tamarind Collection group.  He completed 14 successful years there and now the veteran chef is all set to open..

This Delicious Barbecued Piri Piri Chicken Will Surely Make Your Day!

05 May 2017

This piri piri chicken recipe is perfect for a summer barbecue. Chef Helen Graves uses the simple technique of spatchcocking her chicken before grilling it on the barbecue, to ensure it cooks quickly and evenly. The homemade piri piri marinade beats any shop-bought version hands-down.This is a fantastic recipe for the barbecue, based on the Portugese piri piri preparation. Don’t be put off by the amount of chillies or vinegar here, they mellow..

This Ideal Veggie Treat Is So Yummy, Yet Healthy

20 Apr 2017

One of the most celebrated French chefs, Laurent Gras was born into a family of diehard foodies. Gras is recognized as one of the most talented chefs cooking today, known for a personal and innovative cuisine. He has been “Best New Chef” from Food & Wine Magazine to San Francisco Magazine.One of Laurent’s most-loved dishes is the Farfalle with Tomatoes and Green Vegetables; a rich, healthy and quick-to-make recipe you’d..