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Fitbit Ionic Helps You Reach Your Workout Goals

Fitbit Ionic gives you real time guidance to help you reach your goals. It displays personalised workouts on the screen which guide you through your every move. Exercise routines are based on your fitness levels and the feedback you give. It recommends activities based on your recent activity.

  • It has a Built-in GPS integrated into Ionic’s watch case which let you see pace, distance covered and other key stats when you are using the Bike mode, Run Mode or Hike Mode. It uses GLONASS to get global satellites to locate you wherever you are – be it in the city, up in the mountains or middle of nowhere.
  • It has Multi Sport modes which let you track workouts like weights, runs and cycling. When you are finished with the day’s activities it gives you a complete summary of your performance – the number of steps climbed, the elevation walked, time taken, distance covered, route map, break time, etc.
  • It monitors your heart rate zone in real time and tells you whether you are in the Fat Burn zone, Cardio Zone or Peak Zone so that you can optimise your work intensity accordingly. Based on your heart rate, it even has guided breathing sessions to help you calm down.
  • The Pure Pulse heart rate tracks your sleep and helps you understand the time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep. You can even set sleep goals and track your resting heart rate.
  • It is water resistant and you can swim wearing it. You can set it on swim mode to track laps, stroke style, calories burned etc.
  • It features Smart Track which automatically tracks your activities even if you forget to set it the particular activity mode. When you run, it automatically enters run mode, and pauses when you do, when you swim, it automatically tracks your swims and so on.
  • Ionic also plays your favourite tunes and stores 300+ songs. You need not carry your phone along with you when you work out.
  • You can sync your favourite stations and hear all your favourite music offline.
  • You can connect to your wireless headphones via Bluetooth.
  • It keeps you updated with weather updates, sports news and your favourite apps.
  • You can also make digital payments right from your wrist.
  • You can get text messages, calls, calendar alerts, mails, social media notifications etc on your watch.

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