Taking Fashion Cues From The Younger Hemsworth

Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth has plenty of reasons to celebrate. He had a meteoric rise in the industry and great credit goes to bagging The Hunger Games films.  He is certainly Hollywood’s hottest, yet still humble; he has come a long way since his days on Neighbours.His clothing style is alternative, judging by his suit, and taste for the color black.  When he is not on the job, he is mostly seen wearing combinations of black and gray. This monochromatic look is the signature of the Hunger Games star. Hemsworth is quite conscious..

Rock it in The Rock’s Style

When you have someone popular from the WWE ring, who is equally praiseworthy for his action-packed big screen moves, you might not need any further hints to guess the name. Yes, he is none other than Dwayne Johnson best known by his ring name ‘The Rock’.While Johnson has wowed us with his onscreen smashing dramas, his style games have not been disappointing either.  Johnson was the one who showed us how to steal the show with a half-dressed warrior getup in The Scorpion King. He is again the one who wore angel wings and hockey pads..

All About Being Kate

Kate Hudson, an outstanding actor, successful business woman and a dedicated mother has all the qualities to be an icon of her time. All of her talents are beautifully complimented with an enviable figure, super hot looks, and an imitable sense of fashion. To be precise, Hudson has left us with no choice other than loving, admiring, and idolizing her.She is a smart trendsetter who knows how to cast a spell just through her day-to-day regular stuffs.  What are her customary fashion staples? Let’s find outThe 36-year-old considers great..

A Father-ly Approach to Fashion

Joshua Michael Tillman once known as J. Tillman and now known as Father John Misty is a well-known American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer.  His musical talent and humorous takes on many celebs have vaulted him into the headlines several times. And that’s not all! Misty also possesses a strong sense of style. Like his musical chords his sartorial fashion choices never go wrong.The 34-year-old expresses about Gainsbourg, “He always looked great. He went from suits to sort of a cowboy thing, and then a really great phase..

Style Rules To Learn From Benedict Cumberbatch

There may be a handful of British male leads right now who have a more versatile acting career than Benedict Cumberbatch. We have seen him playing Sherlock Holmes, John Harrison, Maj. Jamie Stewart, Julian Assange, Alan Turing, Hamlet, Khan and a certain dragon called Smaug.  While his varied acting career has earned him world-wide acclamation and a huge fanbase, it’s his uber-chic fashionable side that has turned Cumberbatch in to a fashion favorite.No matter what he is playing on screen, the 39-year-old English star makes certain that..

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