Doss the Debonair !

Every fashion icon brings a new revolution to an ongoing trend. And when we talk about trendsetters, Justin Doss, is one among the toppers. Apart from being the senior fashion editor at GQ, Doss himself is quite a clotheshorse. His statement has been always a blend of European tailoring and American Sportswear. Justin is always fashionably one step ahead of his time. This fashion pacesetter marked his presence with his first employment at Ralph Lauren. Thereafter he was associated with top names such as one Sid Mashburn shop in Atlanta. No doubt..

The ‘Hero’ Of Impeccable Dressing

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler popularly known as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish-American singer-songwriter, model, actor and record producer of recent time. Over the years, beating top-names like Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, ’N Sync, and the Spice Girls; Enrique has sold more than 100 million records globally. Apart from his multi-prowess persona, he is equally admired by his fans for his attractive looks and a keen sense of dressing.The Bailamos fella has barely aged a day in 14 years as he looks almost identical in his latest music..

Kardashian Style File!

She began her career by working behind the scenes in Hollywood as a celebrity stylist and personal shopper. Today she is a famed reality TV star, designer and sought-after pitchwoman. This 33 year lady is an American television and social media personality, socialite, fashion designer, businesswoman, model, and actress- all rolled into one. She rose to fame in 2007 when she and her family were commissioned to star in the reality television series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. She is the kaleidoscopic fashion queen Kimberly Kardashian,..

Deck Up Zazzy Zayn Style

Zayn Malik, one among the “One Direction” boys; is of English and Pakistani descent. Similar to the four other boys of the band, Zayn too has his distinctive style which is modest yet trendy. Someway or another, he always manages to stand out when he is out and about with his band. In 2013, outmaneuvering Robert Pattinson and Tom Hiddleston, Zayn has been crowned as GQ readers’ Best-Dressed man.   Zayn's style stresses on mostly two major essentials i.e. high-end graphic T-shirts which have bold messages on them and loads..

Fashion Leader Leighton

Best known for her role on "Gossip Girl", Leighton Meester needs no introduction. Sexy and daring, fashion -wise, she is never scared to take a risk.  Thus on the red carpet, she has been spotted wearing every designer from Emilio de la Morena to Louis Vuitton.On screen she has made bright tights, blazers, and pleated skirts the vogue, but off-job she has a different fashion file with a dominance of an array of figure-flattering cocktail dresses. She is all about sexy sophistication. This Gossip Girl primarily opts for bright hues, sleek heels,..

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