Annabelle Wallis Showcases Her Style Statement

The captivating English beauty Annabelle Wallis is known for being one of the most fashionable actresses of this era.In terms of fashion, Anna is quite passionate about retrospective approaches to clothing. Over the years, we have seen her quite recurrently donning gorgeous vintage dresses following the trend of 60’s. While explaining her love towards retro-style she quoted, “The clothes of the time (60’s) defined a turning point for women: the lipstick generation in full swing, the controversial mini skirt. I love that fashion..

Taking Tips from Nate Ruess’s Iconic Style

Nate Ruess, the lead vocalist for the music band Fun, is popular world-wide for his unique style of singing and energetic stage performances. Not only has his melodious prowess enthralled fans over the last decade, his uber classy fashion sense has rendered him as a trend setter for many as well.Nate has become a fashion icon in his own right, rather than following anyone as his role-model. He is undoubtedly among those stylists who do not let their outfits wear them.  Most of the time, it is not the outfit which makes Nate stand apart from..

Fantastically Fashionable Mayer

John Mayer is one of the most popular singers, songwriters and guitarists of this generation. Today, he is the epitome of Mom-Rock. With each new release, he has not only shown his musical versatility, but also his style excellences.  That’s how in the year 2014, Mayer has been listed among the most fashionable celebs.Similar to many other stars, Mayer too through an experimental period where he had been spotted sporting plaid pants and even a cranberry red suit, but eventually he has mastered the skill of fine dressing. These days this..

Kate Bosworth Doles Out Style Tips

Kate Bosworth an American actress, model and singer who rocks the Hollywood red carpet events at every soiree.  She is one of those celebrities who are not afraid to experiment with their clothes or hairdos. Her superbly polished look draped in uber-stylishness makes her an unparalleled fashion diva of recent times. When it comes to being fashionable, Kate’s chic is always elegant and experimental. She doesn't allow anything to classify her in terms of trend. She is quite bold.Kate’s dressing syncs with every occasion. And that..

Marvelously Michelle

Michelle Ingrid Williams, a successful TV actress, a movie star as well as a blooming face in the fashion industry is a beautiful American lady not only winning hearts all over with her talent, but also with her uber-chic sense of style. Her style is timeless, unusual ans sensuous. Want to learn how to dress like Michelle Williams? Here is your comprehensive how-to guide on her fashion favorites.Michelle has been retrospective in terms of dressing. Her wardrobe mostly comprises of sophisticated, timeless patterns of the 1940’s. That includes..

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