Keep It Simple Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Kristen Jenner is famous for emerging on the “E!” reality television series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. In the year 2014, she along with her sister Kendall launched her very own clothing line "Kendall & Kylie." And in the same year these sister duo was featured in "The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014" by Times Magazine.Today Kylie owns an utterly enviable and easy-to-follow style than most of her sisters. While the other Jenner sisters love to be spotted, in designer pieces, Kylie is more of the general..

Style Yourself Like The Lovely Bella Thorne

It is hard to believe that how teenaged American actor, singer and model Bella Thorne is already ruling our hearts with her sporadic   fashion choices like bold prints, vibrant colors draped in a super bubbly girly silhouette.  She leaves no choice for her audience other than get inspired by her, while she is walking on the red carpets flaunting her fearless approaches. But unlike other top-ladies on the spotlight, Bella’s crush is not LBDs here. You may often spot her wearing sensuous pink miniskirts, patterned pantsuits..

Interpreting Anna Kendrick’s Style Codes

Anna Kendrick is an American actor and singer. With her nomination for Broadway's 1998 Tony Award as Best Actress, the ‘Pitch Perfect’ starlet became a popular figure of Hollywood. Today, it will not be wrong if we refer Anna as an extremely talented, gorgeous and stylish star. Anna's acting career and style evolution goes hand in hand. Right from donning quixotic Marchesa gowns to flirty voguish strapless minis, she always been a fashion darling. The whole transformation from a teen queen to a glamorous fashionista has happened brilliantly..

Walk In The Fashionable Footsteps Of The Jonas Brothers

When we browse through the world’s chartbusters, we get to see many boy bands on the lists hailing from different corners of the world. No doubt, the Jonas Brothers are one of the most recognised names among those boy bands. They caught eyes right from the Disney Channel children's television network and since then this pop group have been successfully ruling the music world. Apart from being musical heartthrobs, this young trio are also well known for their impeccable sense of style.The handsome American siblings always carry a polished yet..

Emma Watson’s Unique Approach To Fashion

She made her debut appearance on the red carpet at the tender age of fourteen and within a short span of time this starlet has taken the fashion world by storm. Yes, it’s none other than British actress Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson aka Emma Watson.Now that she has turned 25, Miss Watson has mastered numerous fashion tricks with great success. Emma has got a delicate gamine face and a petite frame which is why she can carry off most outfits.It was during her Harry Potter days, when this small girl got noticed by the fashion elite. Consequently,..

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