The Charismatic Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is one of those few small screen actors who have successfully made a huge impact on the fashion world. From being spotted in high fashion attires to becoming a contributing editor of British Vogue, this pretty lady left no stone unturned to position herself as a global fashion inspiration.With her unique style codes and enviable designer wardrobe, this brunette has won the British Style Icon for the third year running at the British Fashion Awards. Her signature style also changed with her career, which was cemented when Mulberry named..

The Enigmatic Style Of Eminem

One of the most renowned rapper of recent times, Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem, is well-known for his style statement. Since the last decade, he has ruled multiple chartbusters all over the world, proving that it's not just the lyrics that have matured with time, we have also witnessed his style graduate from bleached hair to his natural mane, from backwards baseball caps to Teal Twist Fair Isle Beanies and from ill-fitting trousers to high end skinny denims and Gucci leather jackets.If you take a closer look, you will see that during the..

Steal the “Red-Carpet Style” of Emilia Clarke

Time after time, we have witnessed the meteoric rise of starlets in Hollywood, in the blink of an eye. Jenifer Lawrence, Imogen Poots, Amanda Bynes or Lupita Nyong’o are few of the recent examples. So we shouldn’t be surprised knowing that there is another woman in the picture who is making us fall head-over-heels with her Westerosi style. Yes, we are talking none other than the British-brunette-beauty Emilia Clarke!Emilia Clarke is most definitely one of the highly admired divas of our time and every fashionista aspires to be like her...

Ryan Reynolds: The Epitome of Men’s Fashion

In the genre of the world’s most stylish and good looking men, Ryan Reynolds holds an eminent position. Born in1976, this Canadian born actor hit the limelight in a television sitcom, before establishing a successful career as a Hollywood actor. From time to time we have seen him in many arresting appearances. Whether it’s a huge event or a small occasion, he takes care of his meticulously.  His smart fashion choices make it quite clear that the handsome dude retains the title of a style-icon.Being in his mid-thirties, he understands..

Ease Your Style Quotient With Eva Mendes

Known for her feminine silhouettes and her signature style of retro sunglasses, Eva Mendes has been a style icon for many. She is one of those naturally elegant ladies who make glamour an easy and charming affair.One hardly spots her in casual ensembles, yet she manages to leave behind a cool vibe, immaterial of what she wears. Quite often, her picks are ultra-feminine pieces, especially printed dresses with retro appeal, which she flawlessly teams with chic heels. Her personal style is pretty laid back. However, she doesn’t like jeans at..

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