The Modern Way To Dress Girly

Girly-chic is all the rage in women’s fashion right now. From flounces to bows and ruffles to floral details, the modern woman has a contemporary interpretation of every girly look. Here’re a few tips on how to rock the ultra-feminine aesthetic the contemporary way -Subtle rufflesFlouncy details are pretty much the most fun thing to twirl around in (other than tulle gowns, of course). But large layered ruffles run the risk of looking juvenile or adding unnecessary volume where we need it least. Look for strategically placed waves that..

Cool Meaning Behind The Colors You’re Wearing

There’s more to deciphering color trends than meets the eye. Indeed, in the same way you choose to wear a statement necklace or an oversized top, your color choice has the ability to capture a glimpse of your mood. We’ve pulled together five of fall’s most popular hues to show you what they convey about you, and your wardrobe.If You Want To Exude Confidence, Wear RedBold, bright and looks-good-on-literally-everyone, power red is the definitive color of the season. Denoting strength, energy and passion, the shade not only looks..

This Winter, Say No To Dry Skin

With winter comes dryness, dullness and roughness. So, it becomes all the more important to follow rituals like treating the skin with Vitamin C or peeling away flakiness with enzymes. Here are some tips on how to nourish, revive and refresh your skin this winter.Use good cleansing oil: It is the foundation for good skincare, regardless of the season. In winter, when your skin is driest, you should replace your usual cleansing product with a non-comedogenic cleaning oil as it won’t block pores. After cleansing, it leaves you with soft and..

How to Wear Oversize Pieces When You’re Petite

Dressing a petite frame isn’t easy, especially during a season when extra fabric and more oversize, boyfriend-style pieces are trending. You have to hem all your jeans, wear heels twice the height of your friends’ and worry about how weird it would look to roll up the sleeves of your coats. Here arefive easy styling tips for wearing the king-size clothing trend when you’re 5’4” and under.Keep your silhouette balancedWearing a big, chunky sweater dress? Pair it with slimming over-the-knee boots or skinny jeans on bottom..

Flaunt The Trend Of The Moment: Fanny Packs

We hate to break it to you, but fanny packs are officially in—that is, if the fashion week crowd has anything to say about it. The hands-free style was spotted all over the streets of London and then again in Milan and Paris. But how exactly does one sport this nerd-chic accessory without looking like you got lost on your way to Disney World? Here, we break down all the dos and don’ts of wearing a waist belt like a true fashionista.Do: Opt for a Lush FabricLeather, velvet or even satin packs automatically look more elevated than their..

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