6 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Turns out, the basic beauty goods you already own can work wonders, in ways far beyond what you initially purchased them for. Take a peek at these tricks and get ready to save your hard-earned cash for that new spring skirt instead of that pricey cuticle cream.Baby Powder - Use as Eyelash ThickenerSo, you probably already know the ol' dry shampoo trick. But did you know baby powder can also make your eyelashes thicker and longer? After applying a coat of mascara, use a cotton swab or a clean mascara brush to swipe a touch of powder on your lashes...

Dos and Don’ts Of Gel Nails

We’ve all heard of the beautiful shine and long-lasting durability of Soak-Off Gel Polish. And more recently, with the rise of DIY at home gel nail products, now everyone can try it! Multiple brands have soak-off gel nail kits available at beauty retailers worldwide, making this once-pricey and salon exclusive more accessible. But before you don those pajamas, pour that comforting glass of whatever you prefer, and pop in that chick flick, make sure you’re knowledgeable, informed, and well-prepared for that life-changing mani you’re..

Sharp Dressing For Better Interviews

Men’s interview dressing has been fairly static over the years. In fact, it’s pretty much the same whether you’re applying for an entry-level position or for something higher up.  So what are the overall dos and don’ts for men’s interview fashion? Check out this guide to colors, fabrics and presentation.Suit Style At a higher level, you need a minimum of two suits, starting with a solid navy and a solid dark gray. Unlike a swaggering pinstripe, a serious solid won’t turn anyone off. You don’t want to..

How To Nail The Velvet Outfit Trend

Velvet is one of this season’s hottest trends. Yep – love it or loathe it, the luxe fabric has reached high fashion status, and is now this season’s key look.From jackets and skirts to suits and boots, velvet is the fabric to wear. Crushed, coloured or patterned, it can slot into your existing wardrobe, adding glamour in an instant and bringing an elegant, luxurious twist to your daywear.There are so many velvet items on the high street right now, it is so easy to find a piece of clothing or accessory that will suit your style,..

Evergreen Trends That Will Ensure You Always Look Stylish

What is in fashion? What's out? And what is never coming back? These are just few of the questions you might seek answers for in your everyday life. Old trends get remixed updates and new styles come to the fore every now and then, but then there are these amazing fashion trends that can never fade and can save your day each time. Check these amazing timeless fashion trends that can never go out of style.FloralsFor most people, flowers bring with themselves a sense of feminity. As beautiful as they look, floral prints are also timeless and can never..