Channel Your Inner Quirks By Following Harajuku Style

29 Jul 2015

The Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. It may have been brought to many people's attention by American singer Gwen Stefani, but the evolution of the style certainly didn't begin with her and it certainly won't end with her. Like many "street fashions" it is difficult to characterize because it is constantly changing and because it has many manifestations. There is no cookie-cutter approach..

Maxi Skirts Are Back With A Bang

23 Jul 2015

It's no secret that the maxi skirt is hands down one of the most comfortable staples in our closets, right? But often times they seem so one dimensional. How long should a maxi skirt be? How do you pull it off with closed-toe shoes? Can you wear it with more than just a tank top? Luckily, you'll never have to wonder again! Read on for the best maxi skirt styling tips.Pair with a button down for unexpected polishYou'd never think to pair a classic..

Chino Fashion Tips for Women

16 Jul 2015

When it comes to trousers, there are umpteen numbers of choices available for women. Whether it is the classic formal trouser or a pair of faded jeans, the options are endless. However, Chinos have always been a classic wear for the ladies. One reason behind its popularity is its versatility. Chinos are also popular for their motley of colors. This is one trouser that is easy to wear, a great alternative to jeans and extremely comfortable. Another..

Get A Natural Glow With Strobing

15 Jul 2015

Is strobing the new contouring? In a nutshell, yes. Forget contouring, there’s a new beauty trick in town and let’s just say it’s a lot less involved, far more conducive to the time-poor among us, and gives you that I’ve-just-spent-three-hours-at-a-day-spa look that heavy contouring can’t pull off. When it comes to natural beauty, strobing is where it’s at.Both contouring and strobing are all about putting your..

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