5 Trends That Need To Come Back In Style

20 Feb 2018

Aspiring fashionistas have surely updated their wardrobe with classics such as bike shorts, chokers, handkerchief hems and even couture tracksuits. If these trends sound familiar, then that is because these are resurgences from the ‘90s. Fashion loves a comeback and several old trends are coming back in play again. And for good reason too. Some of these old trends are simply the best. On that note, here are a few old trends that need to be revived..

Shake Up Your Style Quotient

15 Feb 2018

Even with the ever-changing fashion scene, most of us tend to stick to wearing the same of type of clothes we are used to. Similar designs, similar patterns and the same styles put everyone in a style rut sooner or later. To change your fashion, you need to change the way you approach dressing. Here are 5 ways to revitalize your style –FloralsWith floral prints making a comeback, this is the perfect time to splurge on some items of clothing..

How To Channel Four Key Looks To Make A Statement

09 Feb 2018

With seasonal trends changing every other day, every fashionista needs to make sure she is on top of the changing fashion scene. Not only do you have to stay stylish, it should also be current and fresh. So, here are four key looks to channel to make a statement.Kaleidoscope ColorsFrom rainbow stripes seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runway, to color blocked outfits at Libertine, bright colors juxtaposed against one another are definitely the way to..

Crossover Fashion Trends That Will Reign This Season

30 Jan 2018

Even in the ever-changing world of trends, some style statements become so popular, they withstand the test of time for far more than expected. Here are a few crossover trends from last year that will continue to be popular this year as well.Pastel huesPastels are in no fear of dying out as a trend. In fact, with the current fetish for ultra-violet and metallic, pastels will be even more welcome as a foil against the bright colors. Combine pastel..