7 Outdated Fashion Rules You Can Ignore

28 Aug 2015

You know what they say about rules... they're meant to be broken! Here, seven industry insiders share fashionable ways to break with convention.Never Mix Black and NavyNavy and black or brown and black SHOULD be worn together. A lot of people wear head-to-toe black, so when you add navy or brown into the mix, it actually gives your outfit a little bit of unexpected detail. Wear the colors equally—like a navy shift dress and black blazer to make..

Refresh Your Style With These 4 Trends

19 Aug 2015

Are you looking to giving your outfits an update? Then dressing with a nod towards current trends goes a long way in keeping things fresh. Here are a few shopping and dressing suggestions which will keep you looking chic and cool in the face of rising temperatures.Bohemian Rhapsody: We don’t think we’ll ever let go of the boho look for summer. It’s floaty and feminine and a look that many identify with. Add your own spin to boho..

Revive Your Fashion Game

13 Aug 2015

If you’ve ever walked to your wardrobe at a loss for what to wear to work, on the weekend, or on an evening out, then it might just be time to make some new additions to your existing repertoire. We know, we know, the fashion industry has a new list of trends to consider, but the key is to choose carefully – consider their longevity and how the trend will fit in with your personal tastes and your lifestyle. So, here’re some suggestions:The..

Rock Your Way Through The Babydoll Fashion

07 Aug 2015

The babydoll dress is swinging back into action, which means it's going to be a season of pins on parade. It's been some years since the style was hanging on the rails, let alone in our wardrobes. Fashion went androgynous, it went normcore and then it went and had a love affair with the Seventies and suddenly romance and ethereal shapes wafted back into the minds of designers and both waistlines and hemlines were on the rise. They are again.When we..

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