Fashion Trends: Hair and Make-Up

28 Sep 2016

Now that you have your outfit prepared it’s time for a little follow-up on last week’s fashion trends. From your shoes to shirt, from your hair to your make-up, everything needs to be on point.Eyeliner On FleekWing-tip eyeliner! Yes! Everyone thinks it’s highly over-rated, and maybe it is, but it is super easy to do and doesn’t even take that long. If you don’t really want to do the wing-tip eyeliner than try just a very..

Pull Off The Dark Lip Trend Like A Pro

21 Sep 2016

One major bonus to the temps growing cooler as Fall approaches, is the opportunity to change up your make-up game. With ’90s fashion and make-up trends coming back to the forefront, it only makes sense to channel your inner Goth and grab a tube of dark lipstick near you.From deep berry tones to jet black lipstick, a dark statement lip is a season must-have and the perfect way to pay homage to ’90s Goths of fashion and beauty past. Just..

10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

16 Sep 2016

Everyone is different. We all have vastly different lifestyles, jobs, hobbies, tastes, and, therefore, vastly different needs for our wardrobes. Still, there are a few common experiences and needs—job interviews! First dates! Leaving the house on weekends (not in sweatpants)!—almost all of us share. Stock these items in your closet and you’ll be covered for any of them.A Classic PumpIf you think you'll rarely need a pair, stick with..

Your Fall Fashion Trend Forecast

09 Sep 2016

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall can be a daunting task. Letting go of staples like shorts, mini dresses and strappy heels to dress for chilly weather can be difficult. Luckily, this year, many of the biggest upcoming fall trends have already had an introductory run this summer, making putting together an autumn wardrobe a breeze. Incorporating any of these pieces into an outfit will make for an instantly current and cool look.The No...

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