Make Leather Work For Daytime Looks

04 Feb 2016

Leather is a sleek and heavy fabric that gives you an edgy vibe. It’s usually and most commonly worn during the colder months of fall and winter but outfits with leather pieces for spring and summer do come by every now and then, especially for wearing during night time. If you’re a big fan of leather and are constantly looking for ways to be able to comfortably wear it even during day time, check out these tips on how to make leather..

Flaunt The Frayed Denim Trend

02 Feb 2016

Frayed denims rose to popularity around the mid to late ’90s when the combination of ragged and mini was sexy. Back then, frayed miniskirts paired with body-hugging wife beaters or tank tops were the definition of allure. And while this decade is certainly more open towards fashion, there is obviously more sophistication on many garments, including frayed denim.Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear frayed denim today.Frayed Denim JeansJeans..

Master The Pink Lip Trend

27 Jan 2016

Red lipstick will always be an easy go-to when you want to add a little oomph to your look, but lately we've been seeing a color that packs even more punch than a classic crimson. From Jessica Chastain on the red carpet, to Beyoncé, this season is all about a pink lip. Pink lipstick is practically a rite of passage. Whether you’re into matte pink lipstick or you’re more of a sheer girl, chances are, you’ve got at least a few..

Rework Your Wardrobe With 2016 Fashion Trends

21 Jan 2016

A sequin something, ankle-skimming jeans, booties, a classic handbag, a striped top and a soft-colored piece of clothing are some of the new style essentials. Look through your closet and see what you can do with what you already own to put a fresh spin on your wardrobe.SequinsNew Year's Eve isn't the only time to wear sparkles. Let sequin pieces come out to play in daylight. Pair glitz with subdued, simple styles, like a sequin tank top under a blazer..

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