How to Pull Off Wearing All White Like A Model

27 Jul 2017

If anyone can pull off the trickiest of styles and make it look effortless, it's a high-fashion model. Head-to-toe leather? Statement outerwear? You name it, they've nailed it. And the next tough-to-pull-off trend they're taking on this year? Head-to-toe white. With lace being the keyword behind the white trend of the moment, it takes a little styling to look your best this for the upcoming months. Take cues from some of the best models around and..

Nail The Nail Art Trends

19 Jul 2017

Nail marbling, mirror nails or 3D nail art - its time to have some fun with your nail art, say experts. Here’s how -·         Nails take on major pops of colour this year. From tangerine orange to bold blues, bright hues have never looked so chic.·         When in doubt, go with something impossibly fresh. Clear polish on clean nails is the understated..

The Cool-Girl Way To Wear Millennial Pink

13 Jul 2017

Fashion has always had an infatuation with the color pink, but there's a particular shade that's taking over, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. It seems like everywhere we look, we see people wearing millennial pink.This Instagrammable hue hasn't just taken over our social media feeds, it's made its way into our closets too. We've been seeing everything from t-shirts to sneakers in this pretty shade. But if you haven't tried the trend..

4 Hot Glitter Makeup Trends You Can Rock!

06 Jul 2017

Glitter makeup is not just a runway trend, you can wear glitter makeup even IRL! Yes, glitter makeup is here to stay and the vibrant glitter makeup for the face and body can instantly infuse some sparkle to your regular look. So go ahead and add sparkle and style to your makeup, day or night. Using glitter makeup will not only make you stand out but it also is truly the most long-wearing makeup. Here are different glitter makeup products that you..

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