Easy Styling For Busy Moms

25 Aug 2016

You've got ballet lessons to drive to, dinner to make, Legos to not step on...and some kind of unexplained goo to clean off your shoulder. Being a mom comes with its own sets of challenges without having to think about what to wear during them all. So we wrangled a few pointers to help you stay as chic as you were pre-kiddos.Go for comfier versions of dress clothesRegardless of your children's ages, you know you need room to move around. So instead..

6 Fall Fashion Trends For 2016

12 Aug 2016

As not many of us can afford a complete closet makeover each season, we like to pore over the upcoming trends and make our selections of the most wearable, versatile and flattering looks to give you a blueprint — or starting point — of what to look for. Bang for your buck matters, so we look for items to add that give a wardrobe an instant update, without requiring an entire redo. With that preamble, we present six fall trends to consider.Rust,..

Key To Layering Necklaces Like A Pro

05 Aug 2016

Layering necklaces and other jewelry has become quite popular these days, with many women gravitating toward multiple small, dainty pieces to create a larger statement look. But this concept isn't foolproof. Add too much, or the wrong combination and you'll end up with a jewelry identity crisis. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you'll always ace the layered look! Mix Your MetalsTradition says pair gold with gold and silver with silver...

The Latest Trends As Worn By Celebrities

05 Aug 2016

Hollywood has always been the trend setter for rest of the world. Whether it be the 1950s or 2016, the attraction towards Hollywood fashion and the urge to dress like Hollywood stars has not changed much over the last century. There is a trend, every season, and these stars are donning them like crazy. Here is a sneak peak on the top and latest Hollywood trends these season, set by the leading stars of tinsel town.Shirt DressesShirt dresses have been..

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