Trends To Watch Out For This Fall

Fashion month has come to a close, and while we had a lot of fun out there on the streets, the real point of all of this, of course, is to look forward to next season. Here, we rounded up this very comprehensive trend guide to everything you will be seeing, shopping, and wearing in the months to come.The bling ring: Bling is back! After seasons of oversized jewelry with minimal design, we've made a return to very feminine, sparkly jewelry, like the..

Get On Board With The Scarf Trend

24 Sep 2015

Skinny scarves are a trend that's definitely happening. Tied turtleneck-style, loosely knotted like ascots, or wrapped around wrists and ankles, colorful skinny scarves are about to become the next big trend. If you're a fashion fanatic who likes to be the first to adopt a look, this is very exciting news. Read on to know how to sport the skinny scarf just right.Tie a loose knot on diagonal ends and let it drape around your neck like an infinity scarf.Use..

Hot Trends To Inspire You

17 Sep 2015

Gone are the days when a single trend was the talk of the town. Trends these days are made and broken and then re-made in a matter of hours. It is no longer a question of what’s in or what’s out. Rather, it’s all about convenience and what you can carry off. Read on for the trends which you can try outSuper high waistlines. Brands have been knocking it out of the park with their 1970s-style jeans all year. They make your waist look..

The Best Makeup Trends To Try Right Now

11 Sep 2015

Why change your wardrobe only? Welcome the change of season with a whole new makeup look as well. Here’s the makeup trends which are hot right now and will continue to be in the next months.Red hotRed lipstick doesn't sound all that revolutionary, but when it goes away for a few seasons in favor of clear balms and nude tints, then makes its comeback in big, not-so-expected ways on the fall runways, well, it's what we needed to get us excited..

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