Essential Tips To Great Hair

Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” couldn’t have been talking about hair care! Everything, from the wrong products to the wrong techniques, and even wearing a ponytail too often, can result in a bad hair day or seriously damaged hair, and no one wants that. Read on for tips to make sure your locks are as healthy and beautiful as they can be!Washing and Conditioning Your HairWashing and conditioning your hair sounds like a pretty straightforward proposition, right? Not so much, especially when you consider that much of the information..

Keep Your Tips In Top Shape

If you care about your style and want to look elegant, you should pay attention to each detail of your appearance including clothes, make-up, hairstyle and certainly nails. Women with manicured and polished nails look more beautiful and stylish. Follow the latest trends and use the most popular color combinations for your nails in order to add some glamour to your look.Lots of women tend to paint their nails in different colors. For example, one of your nails can be black while the others are white. This color scheme has become the most preferable..

Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Long Distance Travels

Travelling long distances, especially on business, is an unavoidable part of today’s lifestyle. Long haul flights are a common part of our lives and along with this lifestyle comes the added worry regarding skincare and beauty while travelling. This cause for concern is largely due to spending long hours inside a cabin with pressurized air, low humidity and air conditioning. The arid conditions in a flight leads to dry patchy skin and wrinkles. So, while going on a long trip can be exciting even if it is just for work, the travel itself can..

The Best Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

The art of drawing perfectly arched brows is a skill that leaves even the most talented beautician struggling. Over-plucked brows, random strays or wrong shape, is all very common when getting your eyebrows done. To help get the perfect brow, it helps to know what kind of brow shape suits your face. Read on to find your match:Round faceGet your brows done with a slight arch if you have a round face. A slightly arched brow will give the face a slight lift and add more definition to the face. Also, it will balance out a face which is too round.Long..

5 Steps To Achieving Beautiful Skin

Following a regular skin care regimen is very important to achieving the dream of getting perfect, glowing skin. A nighttime regime is particularly important as damaged skin cells are repaired during sleeping. Here are six night time hacks to follow for refreshed, radiant skin.Always remove your makeupThis is a step which should never be skipped and yet, most people miss out on this essential skin care basic. Always remove every bit of make-up from your skin. This lets your skin breathe and prevents chances of infection, especially zits. You can..