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Fashion Health Hazards You Should Avoid

Being fashionable is fine, as long as you do not let go of common sense

When it comes to fashion there is something so blinding about the glamour associated with the world that it tends to make all of us slaves to current trends. While there is no harm in wanting to dress well and look good, however, bowing to each and every style craze may do us more harm than good.

Everyday things like carrying heavy handbags or strutting around all day in high heels may have adverse affects we are not even aware of. Read on to know more about trends that affects our health.

Shape wear garments: Compression garments and control top panty hoses may tuck in the flab but prolonged use of shape wear constricts the abdominal area leading to heartburn and ulcers. Also, since shape wear is difficult to maneuver, women often put off answering the call of nature for long periods of time leading to high risk of urinary tract infections. Moreover, such garments are made of synthetic fabrics which can trap bodily fluids like sweat which are the perfect breeding grounds for infections.

Ultra-skinny jeans – In an effort to look good women go to great lengths to wrangle themselves into the skinniest of jeans, even holding in their stomach and breathing shallow for extended periods of time. But this is one practice which comes with a hefty price tag and we are not talking money here. Tight jeans constrict the pelvic nerve which provide sensation to the thigh and cause numbness. So, next time you go to purchase a pair, find one which actually fits instead of forcing yourself into jeans which are two sizes too small.

High heels – Yes, high heels look fantastic. But, they also shift the centre of gravity of the body resulting in limited flexibility if the ankle and severe back pain. They can also cause bunions, arthritis, hammertoes and nerve damage apart from posing a hazard in case you take a fall. So, limit those heels for special occasions and go for a sensible pair of flats for everyday use.

As if that was not all, heavy shoulder bags or low slung backpacks can wrought serious damage too.  Minimize the weight you need to carry on a daily basis or sore muscles will soon be your new best friend.

The need to look appealing is too entrenched among us, but certain adjustments can always be made to strike a balance between health and good looks. Be fashionable, but also use your common sense and say bye-bye to all bad fashion practices.


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