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Elevate Your Tv Audio Experience With Jbl’s Boost Tv Minibar Speakers

Here’s a product that not only looks cool and compact but also ‘sounds’ really cool – The JBL Boost TV mini bar speaker! Don’t let the size fool you, because this ultra compact dynamite can blow your roof and give other home theatre systems a run for their money! It can make your TV sound much better. So if you are looking for a powerful sound to elevate the TV audio experience, JBL’s Boost TV is the speaker for you.


  • The JBL Boost is just 15” long and looks stylish in a Dual Bass Port design. But this compact speaker can play music as loud as you want it to, giving you the experience of home theatre despite the small size.
  • The speaker features two 50mm transducers wrapped around the top and front of the mini bar.
  • Be it deep bass, virtual surround sound or Dolby Digital for HD videos and movies, the JBL Boosts relays it all with élan. Harman Display Surround enabled JBL Boost speakers give you Virtual Surround Sound without additional speakers.
  • Connected to your smart devices through an app, it can stream Bluetooth audio wirelessly.
  • You can wirelessly connect the speaker with up to 3 smart devices – tablets or mobiles, and take turns playing music which booms throughout the room.
  • It is easy to connect through a simple analog or digital one-cable connection to the HDTV. You can now experience movie sound just the way it is supposed to be heard.
  • The JBL Boost TV comes with its own mini remote. However you can also choose to keep it simple and use a single remote – that of your TV remote to amp up the volume of the speakers. Simply program your TV remote to control your speaker.
  • JBL Boost’s SoundShift technology works simultaneously with your smart devices and television and lets you switch seamlessly between sound from the TV or sound from the smart device.
  • The JBL Connect technology can wirelessly link multiple speakers which have been linked together using Connect.  That allows you to play music simultaneously in all rooms of your home pump up music in a large space, to amplify the listening experience.


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