Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones

Assassin’s Creed Origins is not an experience that is easy to match up to. But The Hidden Ones not only manages to match up but is also sure to get both old timers and new gamers super interested in the series.At the beginning of The Hidden Ones’ story, protagonist Bayek has arrived at a new region. This new region recreates the famous Sinai peninsula of ancient Egypt. Bayek is surrounded by water and the mountainous terrain is gorgeous. It’s a busy scene in ancient Egypt – quarries are bustling, pyramids are being constructed, Romans are lording over everything...

Game Review: Subnautica

With Subnautica, developer Unknown Worlds has given gamers a truly beautiful world where one can spend hours without getting bored. Subnautica’s aquatic world is both beautiful and terrifying, and it will leave you with a sense of awe. The story and the gameplay are very gripping too. At the beginning, you are ejected into the alien water world. You have a life pod, which offers some safety, but as you explore you find places that are filled with things to see and marvel at. From kelp forests to shark-infested underwater islands, there are always more surprises awaiting you.Subnautica..

Game Review: Iconoclasts

Iconoclasts seems like a simple game at first. But what seems like a simple, straightforward game slowly unfolds to become something complex and challenging. The story is brilliant and throughout the game you are treated to some very catchy music. The retro world of the game is colorful and vibrant and the amount of detailing that the artists have put in is impressive. The story is as nuanced as it is touching. It is also witty and very engaging. Each character is unique – not just in terms of animation but also because the characters have depth. Overall, Iconoclasts, with its fast-paced..

Game Review: Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition

Street Fighter is a well-known name and the new Arcade Edition of Street Fighter 5 is a worthy addition because of its fantastic modes. It has also introduced some new moves which make a great difference to the fighting. The most notable addition is of course what it says in the name – Arcade mode. Arcade mode is something traditional, but this new edition of Street Fighter has managed to strike the right balance between the traditional and the new.At the beginning of Arcade mode, you are asked to choose one of six paths. Each path has characters from a different edition of Street..

Game Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is simple and no nonsense. Players on the map (a shrinking force-field) fight to the death with the help of any weapons that they can find. The action is fast-paced and focused. The matches are unpredictable and unique – as no two matches can be same or even similar – and this is the game’s USP.You and the other players hurtle through the air and land up on one of the two maps. Where and when you land is critically important. So, the first big decision you have to take is choosing a landing spot carefully and timing the landing right...