The Denon HEOS AVR Combines Quality With Styling

01 Nov 2017

The Denon HEOS AVR is an AV receiver that allows you to use Denon’s HEOS speakers as wireless surround channels. The HEOS AVR, at just 90 mm, is much smaller than conventional receivers and is easy to fit into a shelving unit. Build quality and styling are first class. The front panel is clutter-free – the only features are a large volume dial and a multicolored LED underneath the unit. If you own Denon’s speakers and are in the..

Corsair Scimitar Ushers In A New Entrant In Gaming Mouses

12 Sep 2017

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB is a mouse for gamers with 12 thumb buttons and a total of 17 buttons. The 16,000 DPI sensor, ergonomic shape, and RGB lighting create a very enticing package, but this mouse is quite expensive. If you’re looking for a new gaming mouse, find out whether the Scimitar Pro is worth the expense.Weighing 147 grams, the Scimitar Pro is a hefty mouse. It’s designed to be very ergonomic, though, with a smooth arching..

Sony WF-1000X Gives You Sound Beyond Compare

11 Sep 2017

Wireless earbud-type headphones don’t always sound amazing. But the Sony WF-1000X has made sound the first priority and the result is amazing. In short, you get excellent sound, total freedom of movement, and the ability to shut out noise. Read on to find out more.The earbud mostly sits in your ear, only a little bit sticks out. The WF-1000X fit very nicely. There are two types of ear tips in a range of sizes. Each bud weighs less than 7 grams...

The June Pro Oven Lets You Cook Like A Pro!

21 Aug 2017

Here’s a convection oven that works intelligently, and makes cooking easier, quicker and tastier – June Pro oven. The new technology used in June Pro saves you cooking time, lets you cook from anywhere and also put up meals like a pro without the guesswork!FeaturesJune Pro has Carbon Fiber heating elements which preheats the oven up to three times quicker. It also maintains accurate and uniform temperature inside the oven and thus cooks..

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