Tips To Maintain Your Social Media Privacy

2018-04-06 03:59:32

How much Facebook knows about you is at least somewhat within your control. Find out how you can protect your privacy without giving up social media.1. The first thing you need to ask yourself is: what kind of data is strictly personal and should be kept so. Location data is one of the most personal kind of data. Only the people closest to you can know your location. Facebook or others don’t need this data. Location data is very valuable for..

Do You Know About The Guest Mode On Android Phones?

2018-02-12 04:31:14

In case you don’t know, there’s a guest mode on Android phones that allows users to lend their phones without sacrificing privacy. Whether you are lending your phone to your kids or your friends, you can ensure that they don’t read your messages and browse through your photo gallery – without having to keep an eye on them constantly. Find out how to use the Android guest mode, and hand over your phone to someone in need at..

Keep Your iPhone Messages Private

2018-02-05 05:11:56

Whether it’s your kids or your co-workers glancing at your iPhone’s screen, it’s best to keep your text messages only to yourself. How can you keep your iPhone text messages private? Read the following four tips to see.Even if your iPhone screen is locked with a passcode or Face ID or Touch ID, it is possible that a passerby will read a bit of your text messages. You need to stop text alerts from appearing on the locked screen. Go..

Master Every Trick Of Instagram Stories

2018-01-30 10:33:01

Do you find yourself using Instagram Stories more and more? If you’re not sure you’ve mastered all the features, find out a bit more about Instagram Stories here.To launch into Stories, tap the “plus” button on the home screen or swipe right in your Feed. The camera will be launched. The round button at the bottom is for taking photos. If you tap it and hold you’ll be recording a video clip. Swipe up or tap the photo..