Create A Quirky Crate Console


Crates are quite versatile pieces. They are rustic in looks and quite sturdy in use. By adding a few extra materials you can create real smart furniture pieces easily. In this DIY tutorial we are going to teach you how to craft a crate console table or display shelf for your home.

Materials required

  • Wooden Crate
  • Rust colored Wood Stain
  • Rag
  • Gold String
  • Hairpin legs
  • Screws
  • Drill

How to do it:

Follow the instruction of the wood stain bottle and stain the crate. Use an easy squeeze bottle applicator! Apply the stain to the rag and in some spots directly on the wood and wipe with the grain. Give a thorough cover. And leave it aside to dry.

It will take almost an hour and after it the stain will be completely dried up. Now wrap the gold string around the handles of the crate for a touch of glitter and textural interest. Just tie a knot and keep wrapping until you get a good layer. Use a bit of hot glue to secure the end!

Now punch holes with drill and screw and attach the hairpin legs to the underside of the crate. Hairpin legs are available in various hues, finishes and sizes. Choose as you like. This project needs two legs, as you can attach the side table to the wall. Ensure the legs are secured properly.

Your crate console is ready to use. Look for a blank space next to your bed or under the TV console. Lean the crate table against the wall and screw the back of the crate into the wall so it will stay steady. Now decorate with items of your choice. From books to figurines to pictures you can display anything and everything you like!  

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