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Chord Mojo And Poly Create A Beautiful Symphony

The Chord Mojo is a small DAC and headphone amp. You can use it to feed hi-res audio from your mobile to your high-end headphones. And, if you also want a full-fledged network streamer, you can take a look at the Chord’s Poly add-on. The Poly piggybacks the Mojo, adding a microSD slot for unlimited capacity, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for streaming and control. You can fit the Mojo and Poly in your pocket while you use your phone to wirelessly control music. Find out more about this neat combination here.

  • Both the Mojo and the Poly have the same matte-black paint on an aluminum case and the same height and width. The two Micro USB plugs on the Poly’s side go into the corresponding sockets on the Mojo’s side. One is for feeding the music and the other is for charging. The Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged via the Poly’s Micro USB port. From about 4 hours of charging you get a total of 9 hours of playback.
  • The Poly is like a tiny computer with data server, DLNA receiver, Wi-Fi hub, Bluetooth, and microSD card reader functionality. The Poly is intended to be used over Wi-Fi, connecting to your network at home or to a mobile device in hotspot mode when on the go. There’s a wide choice of compatible apps for iOS and Android. The Poly can access files on your network or mobile device. File support includes WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WMA, MP3, etc.
  • The Mojo is a powerhouse of a DAC and headphone amp, with a pair of 3.5 mm outputs that can also be used as line outputs for connecting to a full hi-fi system. It has three controls, one for power and the other two for volume up and down. These buttons glow different colors to indicate status.
  • Setting the Poly up for connecting either to a home network or your device’s hotspot is pretty simple. Just a few steps and you can start playing tunes right away. Sound quality is excellent. Vocals have perfect timbre and detail retrieval is excellent.

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