Chef Approved Tips For Cooking Perfect Eggs


Eggs, the universally popular breakfast food, is also surprisingly tricky to cook. If it is removed from heat too early, then you end up with runny, undercooked eggs. But, if left a minute too long, then the egg becomes rubbery and smelly.

Here are a few chef-approved tips for cooking perfect eggs.

Check the dates

Most egg boxes have a date stamped on them. Check for the freshest possible eggs as they taste better and easier to work with.

Crack your eggs into a separate bowl

If eggs are cracked directly into the pan, there is always a risk of getting fragments in your eggs. Also, cracking eggs in the pan can result in uneven cooking. Breaking the eggs into a ramekin or cup first lets the eggs cook evenly, and lets you control where exactly your eggs will land in the pan.

Alternate the pan between heat and no heat when scrambling eggs

To make creamy and rich scrambled eggs alternate the pan between heat and no heat three or four time during cooking.

Scramble eggs in butter

Scrambling your eggs in butter instead of oil will make the eggs light, fluffy and tender. This happens because the moisture in butter is released as steam during cooking and the steam increases the airiness of eggs.

Heat your metal spatula in the oil

If you are frying eggs using a metal spatula, the heat the spatula in the hot oil before adding your eggs. This will prevent the eggs from sticking to the spatula and avert any chance of breaking the yolk.

Boil water for 10 seconds before poaching

Poached eggs are difficult to pull off, but this tip will make it a lot easier. After you boil the water, make a small hole in the egg with a pin. The hole will release the air inside the egg. Drop the egg in the hot water for 10 seconds and it will give you perfectly shaped poached eggs without cloudy strands of egg white.

Slightly undercook your eggs

Eggs continue cooking even after they are removed from heat. Turn off the stove just as your eggs begin to look cooked. By the time you sit down to eat it, the eggs will be perfectly done.

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