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Bring Paradise Into Your Home

Create your own tropical island home

There’s something about a tropical paradise that just captures your soul. The beauty of it never fails to stun and the appeal of such a place never lessens. The colors are brighter, the lights are different and the textures softer. With a little attention to these textures and the colors, it is easy to recreate such an environment in your home and turn your house into your special tropical sanctuary

Take cue from sunsets to bring vibrancy to your interiors. Deep oranges, peaches, grays and beige shades blend together to bring the outdoors inside your home. Sea colors in teal, turquoise, blue and white also add to the tropical feel. Tropics mean flowers and lots of it, so use floral pinks, reds and corals with moss green and brown for a decorative look. Mosquito nettings hung over the bed provides an additional touch. Use handcrafted furniture made of bamboo, rattan or unpolished wood instead of fiber glass, metal, leather or glass. Replace your carpet with a colorful rug and watch the room come alive.

While colors play up the interiors, make sure your outdoors match with a few well placed palm trees and garden furniture laid out under palm frond umbrellas. For a Mediterranean feel keep your outer walls spotlessly whitewashed. Tiled roofs and wood fencing are other design elements that you can use to capture the essence of a tropical seaside villa.



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