Basics Of Swedish Style Decorating


The Swedish décor style is gaining a lot of popularity for homes. The elegant and casual way of décor has an ageless appeal that is liked universally. The Swedish way of decorating a house is influenced a lot by pale colors and light, airy textures. A lot of importance is given to natural elements that evoke a warm feeling of comfort inside the house. Here are a few specifics of Swedish style home décor -

  • Shades of white, cream, soft yellow, pale pink, soft green and dove gray are the reigning colors for walls, floors, accessories and furniture. The surfaces are accented with gold and red colors.
  • Blue, which is indicative of clear skies, is the next most popular color in Swedish décor. It also coordinates easily with the other colors mentioned above.
  • Swedish furniture is all about straight lines and gentle curves. Think IKEA aesthetics and you will know what kind of furniture we are talking about.
  • Swedish beds often feature light-stained wood or padded headboards. Canopy beds hung with yards of white fabric are also quite popular.
  • Simple fabrics with textures are common. Color is added via stripes, checks or plaid patterns. The base color is always something pale and aesthetically calming.
  • Mirrors are a very common feature in Swedish interiors. They are used mainly to reflect natural light wherever possible. Electric wall sconces are also used quite liberally inside the house.
  • Accessories are kept at a minimal allowing more open spaces. There is hardly any clutter in the house.
  • Simple straw wreaths, stylized wooden décor elements, and small beds tucked into nooks and corners are very common in Swedish households.
  • Fresh flowers are very important when decorating the Swedish way. The simple shapes and delicate colors of the flowers add freshness to the room. Use clear glasses in soft white or cream hues to create a contrast with the fresh colorful blooms.

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