The Trendiest Layering Tricks To Make You Look Stylish This Fall

Fall is when the chill in the air starts to set in, but the weather still retains the heat of summer. One moment the cold wind whips you in the face while the next moment, the sun emerges out of the clouds and it is sweltering again. Dressing for such weather can be tricky, which is why layering clothes is always the fashion favorite during autumn. Follow these simple layering formulas to streamline your wardrobe and get you ready for the unpredictable..

Samsung Galaxy S8 Builds Up Anticipation With A Leaked Teaser!

Samsung may have had an unpleasant start to their new launch of the year, but they seem to be bouncing back with yet another flagship phone. Reportedly, a leaked teaser has revealed the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is on February 26, 2017.According to, leaker Ricciolo has got his hands on Samsung’s 2017 Unpacked Logo, something that is supposed to be revealed a month before February 2017. A Twitter user  has..

Delve Into The Richness Of A Perfect Caramel Cake

A buttery caramel cake is the richest, most decadent treat one can have. A prefect salt caramel icing with the delicious burnt-sugar crispiness that dissolves instantly on your tongue is the dessert of dreams. Learn how to make the most amazing caramel cake with the recipe given below:Caramel CakeIngredients:Cake1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened, plus more for the pans2 1/2 cups sifted all-purpose flour, plus more for the pans2 teaspoons..

Google Introduces Its New Pixel Smartphone With Amazing Features

Google has laid down its gauntlet in the Smartphone market with its new Pixel phone. News about Google testing out a new Smartphone has been doing the rounds for quite some time now and it has finally culminated with the launch of Pixel.Pixel is not Google’s first foray into the Smartphone market, but it is the first time that the entire phone has been designed by the company itself. With Pixel Google affirms itself as a strong player in not..

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