Get Timeless Luxury With The New Porsche-Designed Blackberry

BlackBerry's newest phone is decidedly different than its peers. It's designed by Porsche and combines a unique stylish design from an iconic, timeless brand with the fluid and effortless productivity experience of BlackBerry 10 technology.The new phone is so exclusive; it even comes with a unique BlackBerry (BBRY, Tech30) PIN ID for BBM messaging. Every Porsche-designed BlackBerry starts with the prefix 2AA, “which sets you apart and makes..

Enjoy A Mid-week Beef Pie Treat

Beef or steak pies are traditional meat pies served in Britain. It is usually made from stewing meat and gravy which is then enclosed in a pastry shell. Sometimes vegetables may be mixed along with the meat to make it more filling. Beef pie is traditionally served with a side of potato chips and salt and vinegar.The following recipe uses ground beef instead of the usual steak. The filling includes potatoes and cauliflowers with a bit of nutty flavor..

Take A Look At The Best Fashion Picks For Spring 2015

Spring is at our door and it’s time to put away all our winter chic accessories as retailers are making way for the trends of Spring 2015. It’s time to give your wardrobes a new season update so, without further ado, here are the spring fashion trends that you're going to want to get your hands on in 2015:Floral MaxisMaxi dresses always have and always will be in fashion and the same goes for florals. Which is why, the floral maxi dress..

Explore The 'New Feminine' In Home Décor

Till a year back, home décor experts were raving about menswear-inspired décor. Stripes, browns, varied shades of navy, and sharp and tailored draperies were the flavors reigning throughout the year. But the trend has seen an about turn this year and fresh feminine spaces are now the in thing.The trend that designers are calling "the new feminine" isn't a return to an excess of florals, shabby-chic lace and other clichés of feminine..

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