Top 10 Shoe Trends To Flaunt This Season

As every new season kicks in, fashion lovers inevitable experience the rush of going out to shop for whole new lines of clothing and accessories. As many women will testify, shoe shopping ranks among the highest of shopping euphoria. So, max out your look with this season’s hottest kicks! From printed wedges to polka dotted pumps, check out the shoe styles to add to your closet…now!Polka Dot Shoes – Polka dots are an eternal favorite..

Top Food Trends Ruling 2014

Last year, 2013, was the year the cronut and kale ruled the trend roost. It was a time of contradiction where one end cronut, the ultimate junk food won millions of fans, on the other hand kale was termed as the new God of health foods.  With 2014, the food habits have remained much the same with people being health conscious while at the same time taking time off for occasional indulgences. Given below are the top food trends seen so far this..

Bye-Bye Steering; Drivers May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past. Find Out How...

Search engine giant google has managed to stun the world again. They have launched the prototype of their new car, a built-from-scratch autonomous vehicle, which has the tech world buzzing.The Google car is still in its testing phase, but even then the initial feedback is good. The design of the car looks like a child’s version of the Volkswagon Beetle, however, the engineering behind it is by no means child’s play.The company had, for..

Samsung Set To Make Another Splash With Galaxy Note 4

South Korean company Samsung never fails to woo its customers with every new launch and after much speculation, Samsung's next big release will be Galaxy Note 4.Samsung Electronics is tight-lipped on its supposed flagship device, dubbed as Galaxy Note 4, despite so much attention it has drawn after the release of Galaxy S5, and this silence has led to even more speculations. Now, a new report has emerged that the South Korean electronics giant is..

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