The 6 Hottest Trends To Try Out This Summer

With the sun beating down on us mercilessly, it’s time to take stock of our summer wardrobe and refresh it to suit the current trends.Fusing present trends with your own innate sense of style is easy and with a few tweaks it is possible to recreate the hottest contemporary styles without any hassle. This summer sultry trends pave the way for fashion and a mix and match of prints and silhouette styles define high fashion. So, join in on the fun..

Décor Tips To Get Your House Ready For Summer

With temperatures soaring, it is time to redo your décor and tweak it to make sure that your interiors are cool and prepared for summer. From using soft pastel hues, to rearranging furniture, just a few simple tweaks can ensure that your home is breezy and ready to face the heat. Read on for a few simple home solutions that can cool down your personal haven.Freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint. Subtle colors are always best for summer...

Discover The Cool New Features Of The Revamped MacBook

Apple has launched its lightest and most compact MacBook ever. The all new 12-inch MacBook with sixth generation Intel processors, improved graphics, quicker flash storage and extended battery life makes the upgrade a much better experience as compared to its predecessors and competitors. Given below are the new improved features of the device -The MacBook has an amazing 12-inch thin Retina display with edge-to-edge glass. This gives it a bold visual..

Fire Up Your Bbq For A Zingy Burger

The humble burger enjoys equal popularity worldwide. What started off as an easy spin-off on a sandwich, has gained cult status by becoming a favorite with adults as well as children. For a flavor variation on the regular beef burger, use lamb for the patty instead.Lamb burgers are flavorful, rich and just as amazing as their beef counterparts. These juicy burgers are a meat lover’s delight. Loaded with flavors, these are delicious as snacks..

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