Fill Up On Delicious Noodle Soup

Clear noodle soups are comforting and satisfying without being too heavy, making them a great choice for summer. Better yet, this one’s so simple to make.Clear Asian Noodle Soup With PrawnsIngredients:2 large eggs       250g brown rice noodles3cm piece of ginger2 fresh hot Thai chilies2 liters chicken stock2 tablespoons low-salt soy sauce2 cloves of garlic2 star anise6 cloves100g runner beans1 carrot200g cooked..

Get An Inside Look At The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung launched their latest line of flagship phones earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have started rolling in.The first thing an user notices about the S7 edge is how small changes add up to make a huge difference to the device. The S7 edge is heavier and the curved glass back is designed to match the front. The phone has a rounded feel to it and the glass chassis has a stunning..

Huawei Most Likely To Release Their Next Flagship Phone In April

Over the last week, several rumors and speculations regarding the Huawei P9 having been creating a lot of buzz among fans. New specifications, designs and features are being highly anticipated by phone enthusiasts. The latest news making the rounds is the possibility of an early release of the phone. According to regular and reliable tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks), Huawei’s flagship model may hit the stores as early as April 6th.The new Huawei..

MacBook Pro 2016 Rumored To Launch With Better Processor And Touchscreen

Apple is all set for their annual March launches once more. Compared to previous years, 2016’s event is said to be a much smaller occasion. However, the list of products to be launched remains extensive as ever. Added to the list is the newest iteration of the MacBook Pro which is generating a lot of interest.Official reports say that Apple is planning to produce two new models; a 12 or 13 inch model at first followed by a 15-inch MacBook Pro..

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