Enjoy A Perfect Herb Flavored Sirloin

A steak is a dinnertime favorite and with good reason too. There are hundreds of wonderful ways to serve up a delicious steak. Season it with herbs, rub it with sugar, slather it with butter or simply soak it in lemon and grill, a well cooked steak is delicious, nutritious and filling.The recipe given below is that of a grilled sirloin steak seasoned with mixed herbs. The recipe uses rosemary, thyme, oregano and marjoram, but you can use any herbs..

Microsoft Unveils Its Latest Operating System: Windows 10!

The wait is finally over with the launch of the most-awaited Windows 10 by Microsoft. And this time, Microsoft seems to have got it all right with this new OS version.There have been a lot of hype and hullabaloo surrounding Windows 10, as it marks the final numbered release of Microsoft's flagship OS.  Windows 10 is not just an OS update, but “the next big generational shift in the computing platform". It brings together the best elements..

Keep An Eye Out For These Décor Trends

Are you ready to renew your room with a modern twist? Maybe you want to freshen it up with some daring décor, or make a stylish statement with a fresh lick of paint? Now you have a plethora of options. Read on to know which trends are making the rounds right now -The Nordic influence on interiors continues with its abundance of clear light, space, and simple, well-designed furnishings. The key to achieving the right décor in this trend..

Samsung Set To Launch Two Groundbreaking Devices Soon

The groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is all set to enter the market it seems. Over the last few days multiple sites have reported the launch of the device in August. Though Samsung is yet to release an official statement, Korean news outlet Business Korea has corroborated the timeline, stating that Samsung will hold an event in New York on August 13 to unveil the handsets.That date isn't far off from what was mentioned in an earlier report, and..

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