Enjoy The Delicate Flavors Of This Mouthwatering Lamb Dish

Few things are as delicious as tender slow-cooked lamb which simply melts in your mouth. This recipe, infused with the flavors of fresh mint, sumac, pistachios and pomegranate seeds gives a wonderfully mellow flavor to the lamb. The recipe also makes a delicious gravy which is the perfect accompaniment for any rice or bread served with the lambSlow Cooked Lamb PomegranateIngredients:2kg (4lb) lamb shoulder (with bone)Olive oil½tsp ground cardamom1tsp..

More Leaks On Samsung Galaxy S8 Gives Further Insight Into The New Models

The Samsung rumor mill is in overdrive. Due to a recent slip up by a Samsung employee on Linkedin, more features and spec about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 have been leaked.Consumers already know that the design is uber stylish, not to mention functional, and the new reports feed that fact with the suggestion that the new phones will feature infinity screens larger than that of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Pictures of the wider-screened Smartphones were published..

Get Your Tastebuds Tingling With These Amazing Tartlets

Cherries are the perfect complementary foods for chocolate. They balance the tastes for just the right hit of sweet with tartness. These elegant chocolate ganache tarts combine both these items for a decadent treat which takes your dessert to the next level.Chocolate Cherry Ganache TartletsIngredients:1 1/4 cups 35% whipping cream, divided200 g chopped white chocolate150 g amaretti cookies (about 20)1 cup all-purpose flour5 tbsp cold unsalted butter,..

Fresh Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2017

Tired of over-the-knee boots and button front skirts? Well, it is the perfect time to look at some fresh fashion inspiration and give your wardrobe a much needed overhaul. Read on to know which fresh trends you are sure to see this year.Floral EmbroideryEmbroidery has been conspicuously absent from the fashion scene for quite a while now, but expers reckon that it is time for it to make a comeback. This time around, veer away from the old-school appliqués..

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