Try Out A Delicious Lemon And Coriander Chicken

Tangy lemon and coriander infused chicken is a change from the usual spicy curries that are the trademark of Indian sub-continental cuisine. The lemon and coriander impart a fresh flavor to the dish and give it a lively green color. Apart from being nutritious and filling, this dish is also very easy to make.  This delicious preparation can be eaten on its own as well as with bread or rice. Lemon & Coriander ChickenIngredients:Chicken..

Tips To Host A Perfect Eid Party This Year

Eid is just around the Eid dinner party is the most anticipated event of the day for that is when families and friends come together to celebrate the festival. But hosting a perfect Eid party is no mean feat. From the food to the décor, everything counts when hosting a party. To help you in organizing an amazing dinner this Eid, here are a few tips given below.Choose a ThemeSelect a theme to dictate your décor and menu. Themes can be..

Add A Touch Of Sweetness To Roast Chicken With This North African Recipe

Dates are a staple during Ramadan. These nutrition powerhouses are consumed on their own and added to various dishes as well. Among the many varieties of dates available, Deglet Noor dates taste best when cooked in chutneys, desserts, or used in certain African dishes. The recipe given below uses Deglet Noor dates to cook up am amazing North African style roast chicken. The chicken, along with fluffy couscous, absorbs the sweetness of the dates and..

Samsung Woos Batman Fans With The Galaxy S7 ' Edge Injustice' Edition Phone

Samsung’s latest entrant, the Galaxy S7 Edge ‘Injustice’ Edition, is a phone like no other and a fitting follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man edition.  In partnership with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment, the spectacular looking Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 ‘Injustice’ edition will have you drooling over its dark and bold design with specifications to match.The phone is an all black body with..

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