Get Started On Your Festive Decor

The festive season is upon us and it’s time once again to do up the house in a grand manner. Follow our tips and add a festive touch to your home easily.Wall decorations-It couldn’t be a festival  if your walls remain empty. So to adorn them, use garlands of decorative, colorful balloons,banners, sun, moon, stars, striped straws or letters to spell a seasonal greeting instead. Wall Arts or frames are another mode of beautifying your ..

Find Out All About The New Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry is set to launch an unconventional new Smartphone dubbed the Passport this week, as it embarks on potentially the most critical phase of its long turnaround. The launch of the Passport, which boasts a big screen and a unique touch-sensitive tactile keyboard, will kick off a frenzied spell for this one-time pioneer of Smartphones.With a 4.5-inch square display and a touch-sensitive physical keyboard, the Passport stands out as a unique-looking..

Do You Know The Best Way To Prepare Fish? Find Out…

Fish lovers rejoice! Fish, a much touted health food for ages, just got a revival thanks to a new study. But, one factor does need to be considered, and that is of the method in which fish is cooked. According to a new study by Penn State University, people who ate baked or broiled fish had healthier brains than those who ate fried fish or no fish at all. And it only takes one serving a week to do it.The research panel gauged brain health by measuring..

5 Design Trends That Are Hot Right Now

Looking for new furniture and decor? Whether you follow design trends or you prefer to choose timeless pieces, it’s always helpful to spend at least a little bit of time reveling in the latest offerings. After all, many of today’s top styles have their roots in classic motifs, from the beauty of pastels to the evergreen allure of plants! Yet there’s something undeniably fresh about today’s featured trends. Enjoy browsing the..

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