Behold The Augmented Reality Driving Glasses From BMW

Those who love the BMW MINI, here is another reason to go for it -- the German carmaker has unveiled an eye-wearable device like Google Glass that helps MINI drivers receive messages, get navigation tips and also get to park their vehicle with ease.The eyewear features a built-in camera and see-through display technology on the lenses. The key functions are aimed at improving driving safety and navigation.Called Augmented Vision, some of its features..

Celebrate The Flavors Of Vishu With Spicy Mambazha Pachadi

Vishu, the start of New Year in Kerala, is an auspicious occasion celebrated with merry making and food; lots of delicious food. One such yummy Vishu recipe is mambazha pachadi or mango pachadi. Pachadi is a traditional side dish made with fresh vegetables or even fruit. Given below is a traditional mango pachadi recipe which can be enjoyed on this festive day.Mambazha PachadiIngredients:Ripe mango (neither too sour, nor too ripe) – 1 big or..

The Top 5 Wall Décor Trends Right Now!

Looking for new or novel ways to display art in your home this year? Whether you need to spice up your space or you’re just looking to try something new, these five trends are sure to turn heads.WallpaperWallpaper has long been treated as the step-sister of the design community. But the bad days of wallpaper are finally over. Contemporary wallpaper is bold, stylish and easier than ever to install.If you want an eye-catching accent wall, try..

Celebrate Easter With Chocolaty, Spiced Buns

Whether you're planning an Easter brunch, late lunch, or early dinner, one thing is for sure: no Easter celebration is complete without a helping of traditional hot cross buns. Give a twist to plain cross buns with the chocolate and spice infused recipe given below. Flecked with dark chocolate, cinnamon, orange zest and plump raisins, these buns make an extra-special Easter treat.Chocolate & Spice Hot Cross BunsIngredients:Zest and juice 1 large..

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