Lip-Smacking Singapore Style Chicken Wings

Everybody loves barbecued wings. The smoky spices and the sticky hot sauce blend together for a finger licking snack food. Singaporeans however take chicken wings to a different level entirely. Chicken wings are a common Singapore street food and the way it’s made in this island nation is mind blowing-ly delicious. The focus of Singaporean wings is on the flavor of the chicken. A fresh batch of these wings, cold lemonade and some chili sauce..

The Top 4 Décor Trends That Are Hot Right Now

Home décor trends change every season, sometimes drastically and at other times with subtle changes in existing design trends. To keep your home looking stylish, it is important to keep up with the latest design ideas and inspiration. To help you in redoing your home this season, given below are 4 of the most trending décor ideas interior designers across the world are implementing right now -Tropical décor – Come home each..

Top Fashion Trends Set By Paris Fashion Week

Fashion month comes to an end with an incredibly strong finish from Paris Fashion Week. Packed with an impressive collection of sartorial innovation from major designers, the catwalk saw an abundance of ‘80s style cocktail dresses, girly silhouettes, pink outfits, velvet suits and slick leather pieces among many others. With the show complete, it’s time to take a look at the trends that defined the looks for the season.Feminine LinesAfter..

CAT Introduces The World’s First Thermal Imaging Camera

In an age where a drop or fall can cause irreversible damage to your Smartphone, CAT has made its mark by introducing rugged Smartphones meant for the outdoors. Its latest entrant, the CAT S60 surpasses all previous models in terms of toughness and durability. And what’s more – it comes with thermal imaging, a first in Smartphone technology. CAT S60 comes equipped with a built in FLIR thermal imaging camera. The Flir camera app offers..

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