Enjoy Immersive Music With These Headphones!

The benefits of a great pair of head/ear phones are obvious as soon as you plug it in. Clearer sound, tighter bass, and more details in the music are just some of the advantages. Additional functions such as noise cancelling or wireless operations are a bonus add-on. Given below are a few of the best available headphones and earphones which are sure to make the music lover in you happy. Take a look -

Savor The Flavors Of Delicious Beetroot Pachadi On Vishu

Vishu typifies an authentic Kerala celebration with beautiful aesthetics and understated elegance. Amidst the celebrations, the Vishu Sadhya holds a place of prominence. Sadhya is a traditional feast consisting of several dishes, often as many as 20 or more items, laid out in honor of the day. One of the dishes made on this day is pachadi. It is an unfailing dish which is always a part of any Sadhya. The recipe given below is for a delicious beetroot..

5 Kitchen Gadgets For More Efficient Cooking

As every chef knows, the secret of amazing dishes lies not only in the preparation, but also the right equipment used to cook the dish just perfectly. Whether it is brewing a simple cup of coffee or baking up a storm of cakes and pies, the right kitchen gadgets make the job easier, faster and more efficient. Here are 5 gadgets to consider for your kitchen:

Get A Taste Of Global Flavors With These 8 Food Items

A food festival is a great opportunity for people to taste new flavors, try new foods and enjoy many different types of snacks, sweets or savories. This year, Lulu brings in a wide variety of culinary treats from ready-to-eat items to pastries, breads, and many other food products for their discerning consumers. Here are some of the best eatables available at the store: