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Apple watchOS 4 Keeps You Fit In Style

Apple is all set to launch its newest wearable, the watchOS 4. The watchOS is tuned into your personal needs and comes with a proactive all-day assistant. It coaches you as you work out, plays music that is suited to your taste and offers hands on support in all your activities.


  • watchOS sends you daily motivational messages and progress updates, how close you are to achieving your goals and keeps prodding you to keep going. It even keeps boosting you till the end of the day, a time when you are most likely to give up.
  • It sets targets for you based on your previous month’s accomplishments and delivers personalised challenges to keep you motivated. You can also track your progress on your iPhone.
  • It sends out celebratory signals every time you reach your goal.
  • It keeps tracks of workouts you enjoy doing and lets you start any workout type with just a tap.
  • It features a custom heart rate and motion monitoring which accurately tracks your calorie burn even during the toughest of your cardio workouts.
  • It is water resistant and can be worn to the pool and tracks sets and rests, distance covered for each stroke type and pace for each set.
  • It easily pairs with compatible gym equipment and records heart rate, speed and calories burnt as you work out.
  • It easily switches from one workout mode to another during a single session, when you do back to back workouts or train for activities like triathlons.     
  • It has a DND option which automatically turns on when you start your workouts, so that you aren’t disturbed by calls, texts or mails during your sessions.
  • It knows and plays your favourite tunes when you work out and syncs automatically with your Apple music curated playlist.
  • Siri stores and displays all your information at the right time. You can set reminders for events and leave work notes.
  • It has a rather colourful and kaleidoscopic watch face with patterns that keep changing all day, plus, a toy story watch face featuring Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.
  • You can operate Apple Pay and send and receive money right from your wrist and straight into your message folder.
  • It also displays news and headlines curated to your interest which can be saved for a later read.

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