8 Tips For Shopping Smart For Home Decor Accessories


Home decor accessories are the items that turn a house into a home. Bringing your personal style into your home and creating a beautifully arranged vignette to post on Facebook can feel overwhelming. Fears of buying the wrong decorative tray or accent pillows can stop you in your tracks.

To help you get past these fears and start transforming your home into your favorite place to be, here are a few tips for shopping for home accessories.

Now, these tips and tricks are not concrete, but they are the things that will help you continue to makeover your home.

Know your space

Before running out in excitement about going home decor shopping, make sure you know your limits. Nothing is more disappointing than coming home to find out a perfect vase you bought is too big.

Measuring the space you are buying home decor accessories first is a smart idea. For instance, if you are decorating bookshelves measure the length, width, and height of the shelves. Also, take pictures of the space to bring with you will help remember how things look now.

 Know what you’re looking for

At some point all of you have gone grocery shopping without a list and couldn’t remember what you needed. You want your shopping trip to be productive. When walking the aisles at your favorite home decor shops it’s very easy to get distracted. Then you come home and realize you didn’t get what you were looking for. Making a list of home accessories you are looking for in advance will help you stay focused on what you need. It is also smart to take notes about ideas, colors, and shapes. One more tip is to take pictures on your phone of the area you are decorating. It is sometimes help to be able to look back at a photo while shopping.

 Make a budget

Always go home decor accessories shopping with a budget in mind. There is no need to break the bank when decorating. Give yourself a spending limit. If you can find what you’re looking in your budget, don’t splurge, wait and keep on searching.

 Meaningful items are the best

A beautiful home is a meaningful home. How do you create a meaningful home? Decorate with home decor that is unique to your personal story and memories. Incorporate special items from family vacations or outings, things that remind you of your favorite memories, etc. These meaningful items, combined with your home decor, create a beautiful home.

 Shop your home

One of the best ways to be a smart home accessories shopper is to stay at home. Instead of going to a store, move around your home decor to instantly and inexpensively change the look of a room.

Stay focused

Focus on decorating one room at a time. Not only will this save your money, but you are more likely to finish decorating a room. When bouncing around shopping for your living room then your guest bedroom and then back to your living room; often neither room gets finished.

Shop different heights & shapes

Buying home decor accessories that vary in shape and heights is common in design style. Mixing and pairing these items together will create more interesting styling.

 Don't buy based on trends

Avoid purchasing home decor accessories based on the latest trends. For one, trends change almost as fast as technology. Plus, going back to tip #4 design trends may not have much meaning to you. It is easy to grow bored with your home decor when following trends, which can lead to spending more money and time decorating your home.

Source: decoratingwithless.com
Image courtesy: shutterstock.com