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8 Popular Colours To Paint Your Living Room

If you are thinking about changing the decor of your living room, don’t rush to the store to buy some paint and stylish living room furniture without searching for some inspiration first. Here are 8 popular living room color trends for the year ahead.

Dusky blue

Dusky blue is a classical color that reminds us of the ocean and the beach. You don’t have to go for an ocean themed decor to use dusky blue: you can simply paint an accent wall and fill your living room with modern furniture of a neutral color, or you can search for dusky blue cushions and accessories.

Blue green

If you love blue, you can also paint your walls with the beautiful blue green color. Depending on the type of living room furniture and accessories you choose, blue green can either add a relaxing beach vibe to your living room, or a modern and dramatic look.

Pale pink

Even people who never thought of using pink in their home decor might be interested in adding some pale pink accessories to their living room. Pale pink is a very subtle color, and it has a relaxing and calming effect. You could put it all over your walls, and harmonize your decor with some bold pieces of furniture and accessories.

Dusted yellow

If you love bright colors, dusted yellow could be a good color for your new living room decor. This slightly faded yellow can instantly bring some cheerfulness and energy to any living room, and will look great with either modern, traditional or rustic pieces of furniture.

Acid lime

Acid lime is another bright and bold color that can completely transform the look of any living room. If you are unsure about adding it to your walls, you can start by adding some acid lime cushions on your couch and sofas, or by covering a part of your floor with an area rug in this vibrant color.

Taupe beige

Taupe beige might sound like a boring color, but it doesn’t have to be. You could paint your living room walls taupe beige and add some colorful and contrasting furniture and accessories, or go for a more neutral look to create a peaceful and sophisticated ambiance.

Earthy green

Finally, if you love nature, earthy green paint or furniture can help you create a fresh, beautiful green oasis where you will be able to relax and recharge. Some house plants, nature related artwork, and wooden furniture will complete the new enchanting decor of your living room.


Just like taupe beige, gray is often considered like a boring color. However, the right shade of gray will have a calming effect and will give an airy feel to your living room. Gray walls, furniture and accessories can be paired with blue, with pink, or with almost any color you like, to create a living room decor that represents you and where you will be happy to spend a lot of time.

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