6 Eyebrow Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs


If the rise of a few thick-browed celebrities in the past few years is any indication, bolder is definitely better when it comes to your eyebrows. The pencil thin, face-framers of the '90s have essentially become irrelevant, making over-plucking a major "don't" when it comes to grooming your brows.

But with lush arches becoming mainstream there's more pressure to groom them flawlessly. To ensure you're not making a major brow faux pas here’re new fail-proof brow strategy, straight from behind-the-scenes at NYFW.

Apply Product Solely to the Hairs

If you've ever applied brow product and thought the outcome made you look like you've simply colored the skin beneath your brows instead of filling in the hairs themselves, then this tip will be your savior. When brushing on a brow product, make sure you're applying the formula only onto the brow hairs and not onto your skin at all. While this is such a common sense tip, girls constantly make this mistake all the time, giving them that drawn-on, eyebrow tattoo effect.

Wipe Down Your Brows with Cleansing Water

When applying foundation, it's pretty common for the product to smudge a bit onto your hairline or eyebrows. In the past, this issue has been resolved with a little extra blending using makeup brushes or beauty blender. However, one makeup artist at Alexander Wang recommends cleaning the whole area with cleansing liquid before continuing your makeup application.

Always cleaning your brows with a cleansing liquid will remove any makeup fall out that might have happened. Once your brows are clean, your brow product will go on much smoother without getting clumped onto the excess foundation.

Consider the Follicle

Too much tweezing, threading, or waxing your eyebrows can cause permanent damage to the follicles — similar to if you damage hair follicles on your head — leaving you with brows that just won't grow back in the future.

While growth serums are always an option for sparse brows, models tend to simply skip grooming altogether because fuller brows are a sign of youth. And trust us, pencil-thin brows are not a trend we'll see returning any time soon.

Use Clear Lip Gloss on Your Arches

Applying clear lip gloss to the brows using a spooly brush is the best way to get the most natural look. Brushing in a thin layer of clear lip gloss will help control scraggly brow hairs while giving them a glossy look.

Try an Eyebrow Wax

No, we don't mean go get your eyebrows waxed at a salon with this tip. Instead, we're referring to using an eyebrow wax product to shape them. Using an eyebrow wax separates the hairs and makes you look like you've got a thicker brow than you actually do, plus it keeps them gorgeously groomed back without appearing unnatural.

Use Castor Oil on Your Arches

Rather than investing in a pricey eyebrow growth serum, try castor oil to help regrow sparse brows. As a natural oil that easily penetrates the skin to facilitate hair growth, this hack is definitely a worth a try.

Source: popsugar.com
Image courtesy: shutterstock.com