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5 Tips For Styling A White Room

A neutral white room can make any space feel large and significantly brighten up dark rooms. A white painted also feels open and airy without the need for too many windows. But, in spite of the advantages of this trend, an all-white interior can look bland if not done properly. Here’s how to make your white home look chic and elegant -

The right furniture is the first step to a perfect white interior. Pick furniture that complements your walls such as linen upholstery, off-white colors and wood pieces. Rattan and reclaimed wood also works pretty well in white rooms.

Add color pops

Just because a room is white, it does not mean that you have to give up on color altogether. You can add bright splashes of color as long as the basic décor is clean and simple. An all-white room looks great with gold accessories or a bright painting. Just a couple of color pops keeps an all-white room from looking stark.

Adequate Lighting

A chic white room looks soft and romantic with just the right lighting. Subtle twinkle lights, Edison bulb bed sconces and muted lamps look dreamy in an ivory hued room.

The right white

White comes in hundreds of shades, Choosing a shade that works just right for you is very important. A white with grey or blue undertones can often end up looking clinical and sterile. To prevent this pick a white with a warm base. Off-white, cream and ivory shades are your best bets.

Add Textures

Monochromatic rooms can feel monotonous if there are no textural interests. Break up the monotony with articles such as exposed brick walls – painted white of course – stacked logs of wood, a shag rug, and textured chairs.

Add greenery

Indoor blooms are very big right now and this trend is expected to stick as having an indoor plant purifies the air and adds an element of interest. Make your white room look fresh and inviting with a couple of strategically placed indoor greenery. It looks lively without being overwhelming.

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