5 Beauty Trends Inspired By Paris Haute Couture


Paris Haute Couture is both astonishment and wonder. Not just for the details covering the dreamy gowns, but also for the backstage where some of the most iconic looks of the season are created. Here are the 5 must-try beauty trends that marked the runways this year.

  • Luminous skin. The magic word is: highlighter. It will have to become your best ally to enhance your complexion and the natural beauty of your face. The use of matte foundations is strictly forbidden. This spring opt for a golden moisturizer or a BB cream, that will allow you to get this look in just a few seconds.
  • Graphic Eyeliner. Undoubtedly the most difficult trend to replicate in our everyday life: you will have to keep practicing with the eyeliner’s little brush before being able to achieve perfection! This detail gives a sophisticated look while defining the gaze and it works well both for both night and day in a lighter version.
  • Smokey eyes. A great comeback! And we did not expect it to endure this year. Choose smoky eye makeup for the evening, you’ll get a rock star allure with every look.
  • Natural Hair. Undo the braids; it’s time to embrace the natural texture of your locks. Wavy and a bit messy, with hair barely done. Say goodbye to flat iron and curling iron, hairpins and bobby pins; even when worn up, hair is soft and deconstructed.
  • Hair Accessories. What is better than an accessory to give a regal tone to your hairstyle? Dust off headbands and tiaras; we can get back to being queens for a day (or a night). The winning choice is in a natural detail; flora and fauna will be next season’s best bet!

Source: theblondesalad.com
Image courtesy: shutterstock.com