3 Tips To Dress Confident And Look Your Best Always


The right ensemble can boost your confidence and do wonders for your mood. In fact, we all have that one dress that instantly makes us feel better about ourselves. Confident dressing is easy if you know the right tricks on how to do it.

Here are a few more tips for dressing confidently and with élan –

Consider your posture

Your posture affects the way you look more than you think. Slouching can make it look as if you are trying to blend into the scenery or just hiding away. But, having a good posture can do wonders for your confidence levels. It exudes a sense of trust and assurance. Standing or sitting up straight also makes you more alert, brighter and of course looks aesthetically better of course. The right posture also slims you down which is a plus. 

Dress for your body type

Dressing for our body type is very important. Depending on your shape clothes can make you look short, tall, dumpy or slim. A short woman with thick legs should opt for skinny jeans that end at the ankles. A tall woman with thin legs however can pull of wide-legged pants with ease. Someone who has a defined waist will look infinitely better in dresses with nipped-in waists rather than sheaths, a style that is better suited to women with a boyish figure.

Start with a solid base and work your way up

When dressing up for an evening, start with quality basics first. Skinny jeans and tee, or maybe the perfect dress makes a good, clear canvas. Now add jewelry and accessories one-step at a time. Build up on your look depending on the occasion. Light makeup for day or casual events, heavy makeup for formal night events. And, when in doubt, always remember that less is more.

Image courtesy: shutterstock.com